smartData is a leading custom IT business consultant and has attained constant good ratings on top global B2B service platforms. The technology consultant’s have successfully delivered in areas of healthcare (clinical and wellness solutions), logistics & transportation, financial services & insurance (BFSI),travel & hospitality, edtech, retail, real estate, and much more.

A brief on our journey so far on Upwork:

smartData Enterprises owns more than 6500 projects in its name on Upwork with over 3309091 working hours and is still growing day-by-day. We offer digital solutions for the challenges in the client’s present system with the best of best. smartData’s extensive clientele manages their businesses in different domains using software and applications, thus making us a all-under-single-roof consultant.

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From an upcoming agency to one of the Top 20 firms on Clutch:

Featured in Top Healthcare software development company in DesignRush

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Clutch Named smartData Enterprises Among India’s Leading Software Development Companies For 2022

At smartData Enterprises, we have worked to deliver client expectations and timelines for the last 20 years. As a result, we have successfully worked on over 10,000+ projects in the global market, covering more than 20 industries, mainly in healthcare, marine shipping, transportation, real estate, and SaaS software. Furthermore, our founding vision and strategy have resulted in the company's expansion...


Trends in Telehealth Adoption Among Providers

The coronavirus pandemic created an unprecedented necessity for remote health care, and telehealth became more prominent. Many advances have occurred in terms of technology, regulation, reimbursement, and adoption of this care approach. Clinical best practices in telehealth, on the other hand, have remained consistent over time, with the key variation being the necessity to scale them up. The pandemic worsened...


Clutch Names smartdata Enterprises a Top Development Partner in India!

Have you ever wondered how high-quality software development could help revolutionize your business, streamline your processes, and make your customers happier? Find out today with smartData Enterprises! We’re a leading global contract software consulting organization that’s been delivering on client expectations for the last 20 years. We’re a seasoned team that’s executed over 8000 projects in the global arena, with...

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