Realizing the “newTech” (new technologies) revolution in businesses via technologies like as serverless computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are now reality rather than speculation, smartData is serving businesses with newTech expert developer’s work force.

As the data collected via the internet revolution is powering predictive and automated devices which in turn collect more data enabling machine learning. Combined, these innovations constitute what some call the “fourth industrial revolution” or “Industry 4.0” – in order to stay sustainable, businesses must rapidly adapt to this new paradigm, assessing its risks and predicting its likely effect on jobs, skills, products and wider society. Industry 4.0 already started to build future business roadmap and importance of technology in businesses are at its peak and here comes smartData expertise with the technologies.

Serverless Computing –

Our developers have the expertise of breaking down the bigger pieces of functionality into small units as “Services”. These micro services are highly scalable for performing independent tasks and helps in building lightweight HTTP RESTFul APIs which can be integrated on any client application in any platform. These micro services are deployed over powerful AWS & Azure hosting environments. Our developers also have experience in building server less architecture for enterprise solutions where code is deployed as Lambda functions & Azure functions which are highly optimized and only use the server resources when required. These helps in reducing the infrastructure costs of running the servers even when idle as with server less architecture clients only pay for the time the server resources were really used.

AI –
Our team have experience in building AI based solutions which offers complex features of NLP, speech to text conversion, sentiment analysis from text and maintaining context oriented conversation between the software and user. We have developed applications targeting healthcare & wellness domains which are integrated with IBM Watson healthcare platform & for performing keywords analytics and finding out the relevant keywords/concepts while diagnosing the patients. Based on the analytics and backend algorithms processing these keywords appropriate medication programs & treatment plans are recommended in real time. There are also modules available for providing the seed/training data for providing the required training to modules to perform AI operations in the specific modules.

Chatbots –

With the continuous technological enhancements the mode of interaction with software has changed and AI & chatbots are playing an important role in providing the better tools for human interaction with automated chatbots. These chatbots help in performing the user interaction and communication human friendly with Natural Language Processing techniques and auto learning from the user interactions. Our teams have experience in building chatbots using

  • Facebook messenger SDK
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

These chatbot systems are integrated with variety of business solutions in personal virtual clinician, personal digital health coach, support center & online virtual teachers. Seamless integration with existing business communication tools like Skype, Slack, FB messenger, etc. makes these solutions more powerful & enhance the user experience.

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