React Native

  • Good mobile app development experience.
  • Strong knowledge of React Native.
  • Strong Javascript knowledge.
  • Strong attention to detail in UX & interactions.
  • Familiar with different tools Sentry, Bitrise, Hockeyapp, ESLint.
  • Familiar with Javascript ES6/ES7.
  • Experience with HTML/CSS(SAAS/LESS).
  • Experience integrating REST APIs.
  • Good knowledge of Git, Gitlab/bitbucket/Github etc.
  • Familiarity with Redux.

Big Data

  • Must have experience in building Microservices & RESTFul APIs using node.js & express.js, test driven development and using unit test frameworks
  • Experience with building MVC based architecture, URL routing, Passport authentication protocol, Single Sign-in, oAuth, SAML & Identity server integration.
  • Experience in building schemaless db design using NoSQL databases like MongoDb or similar, writing complex JSON based NoSQL queries.
  • Experience in developing single page application (SPA) architecture with components based approach using Angular, React and using Mocha or similar unit test framework.
  • Strong experience in components state management, Redux, containers and inter component communication with ReactJS.
  • Strong experience in services, promises, pub/sub architecture with Angular is must.
  • Experience in building lightweight, adaptive modern UI/UX with Bootstrap material design.
  • Strong experience in deployment and use of dockers, containers, with CI/CD practices over AWS or Azure environment.
  • Experience in setting up AWS EC2 instances, ELB, AWS Cognito services will be advantageous.

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