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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

The entire world is engulfed in this rising threat of the Novel coronavirus threat, which has led to immense loss of life and economy. This dangerous virus had its epicenter in China, and from there, it spread at a rapid pace to other countries making Italy, America, and Iran at a significant loss. With each passing day, the number of suspects, positive cases, and death rates have been increasing. Moreover, the exact cure for this pandemic has still not been found.

Seeing all the significant concerns and taking the example of Italy, who at the initial stages did not take any severe step to prevent the pandemic from spreading across the country. Other countries have taken a significant step to prevent this pandemic from engulfing the country, just like it happened in Italy. Countries like India, which is a developing country and is far less advanced than Italy in medical aid, has taken the step of Locking down the entire country. This has all been done as a part of a government initiative to spread this pandemic form spreading. As it is widely said that every coin has two sides, so this decision of the government is a bittersweet truth which people are adapting. Many have opposed while many have accepted the fact this was the only thing that can help this pandemic from spreading across the country. As at the end of the day, what is essential is life and nothing else.

So let us see why the situation of Lockdown the right decision is.

  • The situation was indeed the last resort the government could take in the status of the acute intensity of the pandemic having no cure found till today. Many people are supporting this government decision and are coordinating with law enforcement to ascertain actual risk related to the triggering event.

  • The primary thing which the Lockdown will provide is the fact that it will help to break the chain of this pandemic. When there is social distancing, the virus will somehow break from spreading and limit the number of cases.

  • Medical aid in developing countries cant copes up with the case. Without the discovery of the exact medicine for curing, the disease government could not have done anything but Lockdown the entire economy to stop social distancing. The flip side of the coin depicts the disadvantage that people will face due to the lockdown situation.

  • The primary disadvantage of this decision is the slamming economies of the world, which is facing major crises. Starting from the stock market to the trade, everything is at stake. This is the first decision why the people are dissenting this decision, as for living you need food and for food you need shelter. Here the main concern are the daily wagers, people below the poverty line who are suffering the most as there is no work.

  • This stoppage of market and trade due to Lockdown has stopped everything and which will make the country suffer afterward. Also, there is lack of communication, or false information which is creating a panic situation in the economy which needs to be stopped to make the people at peace. One of the major industries who have faced the drop is the hotel and travel industry which will create a major impact in the long run.

  • Next significant fact that caused this decision to be lacking in confidence is the shortage of necessities such as food that is in short supply and is not entering the remote parts due to lack of finances either.

Overall this Situation of Lockdown is providing both positive and the negative impact. But all of us should understand the intensity of this crisis and unite together to support the government decision as they are doing it all to save the country from this critical situation. Uniting together and fighting together is the need for the hour to get rid of this pandemic of coronavirus.

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