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Software Industry is flooded with cross-platform (hybrid) applications. Why so many companies opting it?

It raises the question – why do so many opt for it? Let’s make the concepts clear before discussing it.

Every platform (Android and iOS) uses specific languages for Android, it is Kotlin and Java, and for iOS, they are Swift and Objective-C. Applications that are developed with these languages has a set of specific APIs and SDKs that are also used in native development. So can be run only on a particular operating system. As, code base is different for different platforms, it increases the development code.

Hybrid apps are the next generation of applications as they offer platform independence and at the same time access to the inbuilt device features. They save a lot of resources for building individual apps for different platforms. So, due to this hybrid mobile frameworks are gaining popularity.

These apps efficiently function offline and can be uploaded to the app stores like the native ones. This can be achieved with the best hybrid app frameworks i.e. Flutter and React Native.



Flutter is an SDK – Software Development Kit that is Developed and launched by Google. Its based Dart programming language, which is created by Google as well.

It is an object-oriented language and consists of three architectural components:

  • Embedder
  • Engine
  • Framework


Its a JavaScript framework that allows building hybrid apps having native look and feel.

It is developed by for their internal project “Hackathon”. Latter having seen how people had adopted it, it is made open-source.

As mentioned, React Native is a framework built on JavaScript so this offer solutions for different operating systems. React Native used a so-called bridge to get it implemented on iOS and Android with the same code. It gives connection between the written code and native APIs.

As mentioned, React Native is a framework built on JavaScript so this offer solutions for different operating systems. React Native used a so-called bridge to get it implemented on iOS and Android with the same code. It gives connection between the written code and native APIs.


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Recent Portfolio Projects

Episode Adjudication platform

Cloud based episode adjudication platform to automate the process of bundled eligibility and manage claim submissions by the various healthcare providers. Intended to be used in a business model where a particular episode of care can be managed fully and essentially carved out from management within a traditional health plan. Episode Initiator has a financial incentive to get patient enrolled in a bundled payment. Patient visits Episode Initiator (EI) with potential bundled payment condition. EI runs benefit/eligibility check using patient’s primary insurance and eligible patients gets a benefit card that can be printed and given to them. Documentation clearly outlines episode program and benefits to patient.

Episode Adjudication platform

Property maintenance

The client is utilizing an MS Access system to manage the backend operations of managing facilities. We created a system to automate and manage the back-end processes of tenants making a service request, selecting a contractor for the service, and tracking the service task status with the assistance of staff who were given restricted authorized access to the system according to their role.

Property maintenance

Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management

The main objective of the project is to develop a web-based Medication Therapy Management System that will give clinical chemists a platform to better manage patient medication. By lowering prescription errors, minimizing negative drug responses, and boosting medication adherence, it aids in improving patient outcomes.

We anticipate greater medication cost savings and medical resource cost savings (e.g., fewer emergency department visits) thanks to the platform's improved use of drug therapy. We also anticipate a higher percentage of patients achieving their treatment goals (e.g., blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol), a decrease in drug duplication, harmful side effects, or interactions between medications, vitamins, and supplements, as well as reduced drug duplication.

The platform serves patients who are taking new medications, non-adherent patients, those receiving chronic care, and Medicare beneficiaries- who are over 65.

Pharmacy Medication Therapy Management

Health Risk Assessment Platform

The objective is to provide an app that delivers key wellbeing and health risk features to its members. Under a subscription based membership model the application provides employee benefit packages for health risk assessment, online GP support, nursing care, advocacy and advice, and insurance plans in UK.

Employee engagement focuses on health and fitness. HRA contains seven main steps which assess the personal, medical information, family history of diseases, lifestyle habits, biometrics measurements and readings, food habits and stress level of a user. This information is collected from the user by the means of the questionnaire asked them on seven different forms.

Health Risk Assessment Platform

smartTelehealth based platform

A SAAS based telehealth platform connecting patients with the right specialist using reliable, secure, and easy-to-use virtual healthcare platform. A patient can communicate and consult with the doctor via video conferencing and chat message. The platform is based on our in-house telehealth components having purpose to overcome distance barriers and to improve access to medical services.

smartTelehealth based platform

Custom Printing Application

The app simplifies the function of designing T-shirts with InkSoft design studio. This e-commerce website allows to select a blank t-shirt and customize it with desired art, design, color and image. Move the designed t-shirt to cart and place an order via various payment methods.

Custom Printing Application
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