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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

The digital rental business is growing at a steady pace. The advantages of renting a product versus buying a new one is becoming more widely recognized, and the perks are numerous: it’s more affordable and less expensive and users can have the experience of using new products without having the burden of making large payments to own those products.

Living in an experiential economy has driven individuals to seek out new experiences regardless of product ownership. Which has become one of the main causes for the rise in the number of such platforms on the market. With multiple perks, these platforms give both users and owners additional benefits when compared to buying and selling of products over different platforms.

Users can rent out modest and everyday items such as refrigerators, furniture, cutlery, and even an outfit in addition to apartments and cars. These options are ideal for persons who enjoy trying new things or who live a lifestyle that necessitates relocation after a certain amount of time. Users can save money and time by avoiding the costs and labor of purchasing and maintaining these products. Additionally, the product owners are also provided with an insurance cover so that they do not have to suffer any losses in case of any type of wear and tear.

To summarize, experience is the new product in today’s world and these platforms provide just that. Users enjoy a better experience by trying out a variety of products from various genres with flexible payment plans, while product owners can earn some extra cash by demonstrating their products to other users.

At smartData, where experience is at the forefront we are always ready to launch new and trending ideas in the market and provide our customers with the benefit of our expertise based on 21+ years of experience in the industry. Check out our portfolio, where we have added such unique business solutions of our clients and partner with us to be a part of future innovations and capture the market with your amazing business ideas by blending with a flavor of technology.

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