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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Revenue cycle management, in its most basic form, is the process by which healthcare professionals request, track, and collect revenue for services delivered to patients. Revenue cycle management is growing beyond the business office as medical billing becomes more sophisticated.

The revenue cycle is becoming increasingly wide, taking into account both the clinical and operational aspects of patient treatment and care in our community. The organizations should focus on Digitization of their revenue cycle to fit new billing regulations in a patient-centered manner. Numerous technologies are being implemented to overcome the challenges faced by most organizations while writing clean claims.

Automation of the revenue cycle has boosted front-end metrics. Revenue cycle employees, for example, have been able to provide patients an estimate for their services and collect it ahead with the use of self-pay automation, which can be said as the most effective, affordable spot for collections

Using RPA and artificial intelligence for the revenue cycle allows personnel to focus on value-adding activities like processing complex claims and accounts, which is a limited resource for most hospitals. This helps in the better management of the patients by staff members which in turn will help in improved services and customer retention. Prior to a patient walking through the door for an appointment, focusing more on pre-registration to obtain proper data for claims reimbursement also reduces the chances of denials while submitting claims. The likelihood of a smooth experience grows as more and better data is collected.

At smartData, we are helping multiple customers to optimize their revenue cycle management to foster the revenue of their organizations along with providing a better experience to the patients. Connect with us to know more about the automation of revenue cycle management and own your solution today.

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