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April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

The current crisis has demonstrated the relevance of telehealth and created an opening to modernize the care delivery system. This modernization will be achieved by embedding telehealth in the care continuum at scale. A $3 billion revenue market has the potential to grow to $250 billion. The seeds for success will be sown in the next few months during the COVID-19 crisis. Healthcare systems that come out ahead will be those who act decisively, invest to build capabilities at scale, work hard to rewire the care delivery model, and deliver distinctive high-quality care to consumers.

SaaS-based architecture
Virtual Care
Advanced search
Fitness and well-being
Appointment booking
& scheduling
Telemedicine or Telehealth
IOT Healthcare
provider portal
Health Insurance 
SOAP notes
Mental Health apps
Messages &
AI-based healthcare
system integration
Clinical EHR apps
Remote patient 
                monitoring solutions
Review & rating
Pharma solution
Payment processing
Lab testing 
                delivery apps
Symptom checker

Everything you need to offer your Telehealth software services

Plan your schedule
Plan your schedule
Online payments
Online payments
Manage from anywhere
Manage from anywhere
Follow up with patients
Follow up with patients

We design your business needs of smartTelehealth solution from personalized care applications to a real-time patient and doctor interaction platform. You don’t need to wait for months to develop an application from scratch. We have a ready-to-use application, OWN IT.

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