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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
“The climate is changing so should we?”

Determining the impact your business has on the environment can be a complicated task. In today’s world, sustainability has become a very important part in our lives.

How does it is related to business? How business are adapting to these challenges?

Going “Green” has been a significant area for business to focus on over the last few years. Organizations are taking responsibility towards sustainable future and are finding new ways to reduce their carbon footprints for a better future

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint of your business is a measurement of the greenhouse gases which your business produces.

Sustainability is becoming an imperative, It is the future of the business. As the impact of climate change is exponentially rising, with each day passes it becomes of utmost importance for companies to take actions to sustain the environment.

The first thing that a business needs to do in order to achieve this is to determine the size of its carbon footprint. Determining the size of a business’s carbon footprint provides them with a starting point, which they can use as a base to implement effective carbon management strategies and create CSR. 

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce Reduce, reuse and recycle items in order to produce less waste. Educate, Engage, and Encourage Companies also play a role in raising awareness on their employees, consumers, media and other stakeholders. smartData Initiatives

smartData believes that every technological advance must be useful to mankind, society, and the planet. As a belief of giving back to society, we defend an ethical, responsible and inclusive vision of digital technology. We are committed to the environment and the sustainable growth of the clients, employees, and the organization.

Vertical Gardening

Another vertical gardening example where smarTians at Shivalik Tower followed the basic principles of container gardening using recycled bottles.

Organic and sustainable farming

Our Go-Green initiatives are efforts to combat pollution and towards maintaining the ecological balance.

GoGreen Campaign

The motivation to “GoGreen” has not only increasingly become part of our CSR but an aspect of remaining relevant in future business environment. Promoting the effort to “GoGreen”, smarTian’s seeked innovative method of promoting eco-friendly environment by planting various medical and fruit bearing trees in our upcoming Kanchenjunga tower.

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