Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Be it Startups as well as corporates; both believe that you can build teamwork in your workplace through sport. Sports leagues are created to encourage employees to participate and boost team engagement, find new leaders and fight stress. Cricket has been an established team building sport for hundreds of years and is one of the most popular sports that everyone knows and enjoys.

The smartData Premier League is one such engagement of our belief in balancing work with playful activities and de-stressing ourselves in the most creative and healthy way, since the year 2007. It has helped us to achieve the aim to have a motivated, healthy and productive team working collaboratively towards a common goal. This tournament is held across our smartData India branches i.e. Mohali, Nagpur and Dehradun, while the championship tournament is held between the various locations. 

It is a team game that promotes below advantages:

  • Health Benefit:

    SPL under the head #smartCFG is a great physical exercise that improves- physical fitness, stamina, balance and coordination, helps to reduce stress, and channelizes energy in a positive way.

  • Helps in #BigCommunication & #BigCollaboration:

    It is a league that helps an individual to interact and collaborate with colleagues, across- teams, functions, departments and branches too. It’s an opportunity to get to know the other smarTian better; where each of them has their own skills and abilities, utilizes their unique strengths to work towards the common goal.

  • Leaders on the ground:

    SPL has helped in identifying many new leaders on the ground that possess skills like strategic development, decision making, setting and striving for goals, the value of practice and preparation and dealing with success and failure.

SPL gives a smarTian an opportunity to explore, interact and engage with all other fellow smarTian and emphasize upon the fitness mantra of smartData which is #WPL3. There are many such events conducted under the #CFG head that focuses on the fitness and well-being of our employees. It includes Tuffman, International Development Programme, smartData Cultural League, yoga sessions, marathon, trekking, health checkups, weekly floor activities and tournaments of badminton, table tennis and volley ball.

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