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sD2 or smartData square is our initiative towards overall development of smartTians. There are 2 aspects to this, hence the superscript square.

smartData Skill Development

Healthcare Security & Compliance Colloquium

AI/ML Symposium

Emerging Technologies Webinar

The mantra of (WPL)3 signifies the organisation’s focus on aspect of continuous learning to know the right techniques, evolve through right mindset and thus creating right talent . This is the reason why smarTians succeed at smartData. It includes holistic development ranging from vocational training in terms of skills – technical, interpersonal & leadership. Different avenues are provided to each smarTians through internal training schedule which comprises of over 100,000 training hours during the calendar year as part of CMMI requirement. These trainings are given by domain/industry experts from within the organization and visiting experts from industry and academia. smarTians also participate in relevant business conferences hosted nationally and globally. Such exposure helps us ensure that our work force is well prepared to meet the ever expanding skill requirements of our expanding network of global customers.

smartData Direct

sDirect 2021 Batch

Technical Gromming

Architectural Training

We invest and channelize the energy of youth. Since 2005, smartData has conducted campus recruiting across India, which has evolved into a national exercise in which smartData recruits fresh engineering undergrads and postgrads to work as industry interns. They go through a well-run occupational training program at our development centers and then join the workforce after doing an internship. smartData Direct’s in-house trainings assist us in grooming the best talent from around the country (18 states). Many former smartData Direct employees have progressed through the ranks and are now working in key roles within the company. Apart from bringing in the right people, smartData Direct also breeds potential leaders by making loyalty second nature to the young, dynamic smarTians.

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