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An 8.2% annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) is expected in the eCommerce market, the latest segment being covered by fashion. As e-retailers revenue is subjected to grow worldwide, online shopping is the favorite activity of consumers. Since 1996, smartData has had many ecommerce success stories and is managing global operations for manufacturing units through on-premise and cloud solutions.


Ecommerce automation eliminates manual tasks of managing large inventory, multiple stores and fulfilment networks.

Our prebuilt libraries and products fit into your business to help you cut cost and time to go live. Whether you are looking for direct to consumer selling or to aggregate local sellers at one place, smartEcommerce has it all. It offers both single vendor store management and multi-vendor portal to manage variety of products and categories.

Admin panel in smartEcommerce lets you collect and use customer data to offer personalised recommendations and advertise right products to right audience.

From managing products to fulfilling orders an ecommerce software customized to your company’s needs can simplify marketing, automate taxation and shipping, and open new channels for sales.

Suiting the needs of brands of all sizes the entire shopping journey can be customized to match the needs of B2B and B2C channels. The advanced payment solutions offer customers and businesses secure checkout transactions while maintaining data privacy.


Built with a responsive and customizable theme, it also offers a great mobile experience to your end customers. smartEcommerce suits every marketplace and use case. Its major features are:

Storefront modification for B2C or B2B vendors

List products and manage their pricing

Tracking and reporting of orders

Wishlist and shopping cart

Admin dashboard to manage users, inventory, payments and revenue

Advance search and filter widget on the basis of price and product variables

Integration with top payment gateways and shipping services

Inventory alerts and stock count status for reorder and replenishing stock

Dispute management

Reviews and ratings

Messaging and customer support

Gift cards and reward points

The platform can be extended to cover requirements for multi-lingual, multi-currency, sales channels integration and any other specific need as per business.

For Marketplace Admin

Revenue and fee management

Vendor onboarding

Multiple users management

Reporting and Analytics

Product management

Support for third-party integrations

Product review management

For Vendors

Online storefront

Payments management

Order tracking Customer management

Order fulfillment

Content Management

Search engine optimized

For Customers

Multiple search methods

Responsive user interface

Easy checkout process

Order and reorder

Multiple payments options

Gift cards and rewards

Promotional codes & discounts

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Recent Portfolio Projects

Digital business card

A digital business card platform that allows individuals to seamlessly share their contact information virtually from anywhere. Be the first to utilize and improve business productivity as well as strengthening relationships between businesses and networking with a new way to set a fast pace business progression and seeing results beyond belief.

Digital business card

Fitness Workout

Application is a health and fitness platform that connects trainees to trainers/influencers through training programs while allowing them to log their own workouts. The overall platform is developed to allow users to easily find programs based on their profile and connect with like-minded users. The proposed software will be offered as a combination of mobile (End users/Trainee and Trainers/Influencers) and [...]

Fitness Workout

SaaS based Wellness Platform

It is a SaaS-based platform for corporate clients that helps in creating a corporate wellness program or complement an existing one. This platform acknowledges the existing challenges and issues and helps in creating employee-centered wellness plans that are more engaging and rewarding to employees. It promotes corporate community wellness by challenging employees to earn reward points. By utilizing the wearable [...]

SaaS based Wellness Platform

Process Compliance Builder

Full-featured SaaS-based application that aims to where business can register to manage GDPR compliance data. The application contains a dynamic form builder and creates compliances for different department having different categories & sub-categories.

Process Compliance Builder

Healthy Choices

The website help women to restore their vitality, those struggling with menopause and get life back on track. The application helps women with its 3 phase solution, firstly with medication that addresses the underlying cause of disease, second by giving a therapy to reach balanced hormones and third educating them about solutions with blogs. 

Healthy Choices

Food ordering

It's a food ordering site with extensive features with ordering, keeping track of purchases, unlocking rewards, menu/nutritional information along with notifications for the latest events and offers.

Food ordering
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