Meet with team smartData

April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

What smarTians have to say about smartData

Wonderful 15 years journey at smartData

4 min watch

Zahid Akhtar
Gurdev Singh Vice President Technology

My experience with smartData has been great and I've enjoyed a lot all along. I truly appreciate the long term visionary approach and all the steps taken by our respected CEO in continuous growth of the organization. I've gained a lot of professional and personal experience and goals since I joined smartData. I started as Software engineer 18 years back and raised the ladder of hierarchy in all these years. Most of the times our organization has achieved our set targets but at times we've got setbacks as well when targets were not achieved 100% and at that time the motivation and changes in approach from top management has boosted the energies to achieve our next goals. Our organization takes care of it's people and stand with them in their tough times and helped them at various levels. Even in this pandemic time from last 18 months employees safety and health has been prime objective along with maintaining the business productivity upkeep. I am really enjoying my association with smartData.

Shailendra Kumar Director

Working as a smarTian is an immense pleasure and a great experience; it will change your thinking about life and work. Empathy and appreciation are all well and good but what I believe really makes difference is how our leaders supporting us in any new thoughts/ideas without giving any negative vibes of failure, we believe in agility in every aspect. With our scaling expectations approach we keeps scaling ourselves as well as customer expectations by following customer centricity, commitment and credibility with right mindset, technique and talent using Big thinking, communication and collaboration. We firmly believe in the spirit of giving back. With sDirect we are committed to connecting young students to the technology of tomorrow through training and workshops.

Pawan Sharma Manager

Organizations are like families. Like in a family, we take care of each other's well-being and make sure that everything goes smoothly. Similarly, @smartData we are a family. Here, we take care of each other, take responsibility; and strives for making our dream come true. In all these years, what has passed, we have seen all - successes and failures, highs and lows, celebration and crisis, everything. But the one thing we never accepted is 'defeat'. Our faith in each other, our trust in each other, and our commitment to the organization are those factors that brought us to the place where we are. I would not have seen the successful journey without all my Senior's support. We have given it all be it expanding work hours, early entry into the system, working from home, we have done all that was the need of time as we work for a single goal to grow always. During this pandemic-unpredictable & hard situation occurred -all members got together as we would have done in a family and helped each other in all manners, either it is for office work or personal problems. I would like to wish “All the best to our smarTians” to keep experimenting, growing, and celebrating.

Vivek Sharma VP Operations

From Sr. Engineer to VP my 17 years of journey can’t be expressed in any words. Looking backward it seems that it just a matter of days when we were 45 and now we are 750+ head count. I have witnessed and contributed from one rented building to self-owned flawless design and architecture. What I believe and counted in reaching SDEI such height is sharing of Ownership. This not only gives in power but also make accountable for your decision. It’s a matter of great pride to me. Tracking and other cultural activities of smartData connects people with Organisation and it doesn’t go any indifferent to me. Not only the work culture of smartData inspires me but its philosophy of giving back to society surely ignited me to make my life worthy by sharing as per the capacity.

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