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What is Talent Density?

Talent attracts other talented individuals. The consolidated talent of the group or team is referred to as talent density. When the “correct” people join the team and the “wrong” ones leave, it rises. When the incorrect people go, the talent density decreases.

The following are the main aspects of Talent Density-

  • High achievers are motivated by high achievers in their immediate environment- the quality of discussions, exchange of ideas, and activities between employees can really make a lot of difference. There is healthy competition to the point where one’s success is contagious and inspires others to strive for it as well.
  • Factors other than monetary gain motivate people – This is not to argue that top performers are unconcerned about money. On the contrary, the message is to constantly keep high-performing employees’ financial remuneration and awards at a level that makes it impossible for competitors to use as a cause to poach them.
  • Excellence” gets a higher rating than “Adequate- Whether your organization is focused on process and/or innovation, or offers services or products, the personnel mix with “sufficient talent” will always fall short of the top performers. Top performers eventually create value that helps enterprises stand out from competitors that hire ordinary performers.
  • Culture transformation is fueled by performers –
How to Build an Organization with a High Density of Talent:

  1. Hire Right Talent
  2. Not just performance, but the attitude should be recognized.
  3. Relationship between employee involvement and employee retention and increased revenue.
  4. Ensure that the soft skills required for your role and environment are understood and aligned.
  5. Use that clarity to develop the first yet systematic hiring strategy.
  6. When it comes to hiring, want to hire more stars and fewer average performers.

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