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Why Marketing Automation is necessary for your Business?

Posted By: smartDataJune 18, 2021

Today we are living in a technology-driven world, where automation has taken over many job roles. Chatbots have taken over customer support roles, Therefore, their role cannot be ignored in digital marketing. Market presence is an important factor for every business, as it leads to brand recognition which in turn helps to attract potential customers. …

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The New Hybrid Adaptation

Posted By: smartDataJune 17, 2021

The hybrid business model combines traditional product sales with the subscription delivery of hardware, software, cloud services, and other services. In the post-pandemic workplace, a hybrid model will be the way ahead for many firms. However, the proper technique must be chosen based on the sector, corporate culture, and staff. It’s also vital for company …

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How AI is Changing CX ?

Posted By: smartDataJune 17, 2021

Technology evolves owing to evolving customer needs. Customers who were then satisfied with just the functional use of product/service, are now satisfied only if they move from pre-purchase stage to post-purchase stage effortlessly which is now popularly called customer experience, CX thanks to the internet who asks the seller to be aware (Caveat Venditor). Today …

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Appreciating Meritocracy and Incentives

Posted By: smartDataJune 16, 2021

IT Companies always spend their valuable time building their in-house tech teams. It has been known to all that a quality team is valuable gold to creating a dream company and that’s why it has been said that investing time & money in building in-house tech is never a waste. There are new methods also …

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CX is the Way

Posted By: smartDataJune 15, 2021

What is CX or Customer Experience? The experience of a customer refers to how a company involves its customers everywhere between marketing, sales and customer service. Customer experience is more than just a collection of actions. It also focuses on emotions.Everyone in the ecosystem of your business is a customer: from employees and investors to …

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Organizational Culture vs Team Culture in Post-Pandemic work

Posted By: smartDataJune 14, 2021

The current Covid-19 pandemic has affected much of all industries’ Work culture. It impacted Industries of all sizes and sectors, the national lockdown and travel bans have ended global visits & frequent physical Meetings. People have learned now that they don’t have to be in an office & most of the things can be done …

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Affordable Care Act

Posted By: smartDataJune 11, 2021

Reduce healthcare expenses and bringing maximum people under the healthcare insurance umbrella is always a challenging job. The high cost had made the US healthcare system twice as expensive per person as compared to any other developed country in the world. In 2011, the average healthcare cost of the family increased by 7.3% as compared …

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Compassion is the core @smartData

Posted By: smartDataJune 11, 2021

Compassion is the bond that helps humanity to stay united and work for each other. It is such a valuable thing that every human can receive and can donate as well. It is beneficial for both those who receive and who gives it. Every human on earth desires it and every human on earth deserves …

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Innovate or Perish

Posted By: smartDataJune 10, 2021

Every business is being reshaped by surges of the latest advancements in technology. This digital era is opening up new opportunities for organizations, but it is also putting us in a position where adopting these technologies is no longer going to be an option. We will have to bridge the gap between their physical and …

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Training is the Norm not Just a Necessity

Posted By: smartDataJune 9, 2021

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin The present situation has changed the outlook of organizations to run their business processes. The fast pace new world has forced organization to bring out creative initiatives to skill, reskill and upskill the in-house talent. In technological development and organizational change, it is important …

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