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Workplace Etiquette and POSH

Posted By: smartData March 31, 2021

Etiquette matters when it comes to working in an office or other business environment. You speak about who you are as an individual and team member and can affect the career direction specifically through how you present and communicate with those around you – regardless of what your colleagues, bosses, or direct reports are. The …

Employee Volunteer Programs in smartData under CSR

Posted By: smartData March 26, 2021

This world is indeed a beautiful place and we all have received so much from this world directly or indirectly and mostly good and cherishable. But then sometimes we really need to take out time to think and reflect are we also somewhere contributing or adding to the goodness and the beauty of this world …

Best CakePHP Developer: smartData Enterprises Wins A Clutch 2021 Award

Posted By: smartData March 22, 2021

The flexibility and efficiency of CakePHP make it beloved in the software development space. When you look up CakePHP, you can see that there are different case studies and articles relating to the open-source framework. And in line with that, there are also countless developers specializing in crafting custom CakePHP projects. smartData is internationally recognized …

Chatbot and Customer Relationship

Posted By: smartData March 12, 2021

The last few years have the technological world mesmerized by the term artificial intelligence and machine language. While these technologies are becoming the talk of the town, Chabot’s have been in the conversation for a longer time. Chabot’s when integrated with an existing application and AI can leverage the data for useful insights while simplifying …

Equality in Workplace “Women Empowerment”

Posted By: smartData March 12, 2021

There is a Sanskrit shloka that says: “Rashtrasya Shrava Naari Asti, Naari Rashtrasya Akshi Asti” meaning woman is our tomorrow, a woman is the eye of the nation. There’s no doubt that women held respectable positions in the early periods but during the times our nation was ruled by some other nations, the societal status …

Digitization of Hospitals – EMR/EHR

Posted By: smartData March 9, 2021

Post-world war, 2 eras witnessed the beginning of digitization in the USA. The Department of Veterans Affairs thus began its efforts to computerized its health records and the word EMR (Electronic Medical Records) was coined. EMR was created to centralize and normalize healthcare information and delivery. EMRs were a digital footprint of all the information …

The Art of Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Posted By: smartData March 4, 2021

“Little things matter the most” Have you ever thought about what employees expect from their workplace? Why is it important to satisfy the needs of the employees? Why appreciation matters in the workplace? It is truly said that a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected and this results when …

Digital Experience Platform – Solving a Big Problem

Posted By: smartData February 15, 2021

What is a DX platform? A DX platform is driven by the API first approach behaving as an integrated set of technologies and providing multiple sets of digital touchpoints for a broader range of users. Digital Experience platform provides a complete suite of solutions by collaborating and aggregating all helpful features based on an individual’s …

How to improve your work efficiency by staying away from negative thoughts?

Posted By: smartData January 25, 2021

Staying positive all the time is a tough job. Your mind keeps playing games with you. It is obvious to think negative thoughts more often however it promotes fear and uncertainty in life. If you find yourself obsessing over negative thoughts all the time, the following tips can help you to stay positive and restart …

Mobile apps in 2021 going cross platform

Posted By: smartData January 22, 2021

Fortune 500 companies: going Cross Platform There are two prevalent toolsets for mobile app development – native and cross platform. As customers are distributed and companies want to reach global customers (a population of 4.5 billion digital users), choosing amongst iOS and Android users can be tough. This either requires a detailed study of the …

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