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Investing in Talent Management

Posted By: smartData February 6, 2020

Talent management involves activities from hiring to retain the best talent in an organization. Talent management is a vital part of business strategy as it manages an organization’s most important assets – its people. It is more of strategy than tactics as it takes a wider view such as how the talent fits into the organization’s long run plan.

Gender Diversity at Workplace

Posted By: smartData February 6, 2020

Gender Diversity is when humans of all genders are treated equally at work environment with a balanced workforce at all levels. In simpler words, a workplace where talent irrespective of gender is hired and promoted at the same rate, as well as paid equally for the same kind of work.

The Power of Thinking Big.

Posted By: smartData January 28, 2020

It all begins with a single thought…
‘Thinking Big’ signifies having the option to dream and envision what we can accomplish on a venturesome scale: without any points of confinement on one’s reasoning. It is tied in with being liberal, positive, imaginative and seeing open door in the 10,000 foot view.

The Power of Praise

Posted By: smartData January 28, 2020

Ever wondered, Why, the members who were once performing so well suddenly fall into a league that they were never graded for !! Why- once a candidate who was recommended as a star employee during a critical project assignment somehow lands into being an average performer!!
A word of praise goes a long way!! Before we dig deeper into Employee Recognition, let’s take a quick review of some important facts:

Can Telemedicine Disrupt Healthcare Like Amazon Disrupted Retail

Posted By: smartData January 15, 2020

Telemedicine is steadily becoming the preferred mode of remote consultation. Doctors and patients are increasingly choosing to interact from behind the screen, with over 15% of physicians working in practices that use telemedicine…

Life in Digital Service

Posted By: smartData January 15, 2020

Growing up can be termed as “Golden Days” for each one of us but post 2000 A.D, it did really become “Golden” from the technology growth point of view. The Internet became widely available in both developed & developing economies. The digital wave along with the increase in Desktop & Mobile devices made it easy for almost everyone to use technology…

smartData Enhancing Future Tech Skills

Posted By: smartData September 20, 2019

Catch them when they are young !!… The target industry for Skilling India should focus a lot on the budding population that will come out of colleges and will enter the industry. To train them on the foundations of futuristic technology will help them in taking studies revolving on subjects whose future we are certain …

Big Tech Disrupting Healthcare… and How

Posted By: smartData August 19, 2019

Hey Google…..! Hi Alexa…! (based on where your loyalties lie). “Brief me on the impact of technology in health care” and both shot off with alacrity and endlessly, summing up the proverbial Cyborgian takeover of the last human frontier.

What is smarTian Spirit?

Posted By: smartData August 7, 2019

“Name” provides a sense of uniqueness, can define honor, love or values. Like each group has its very own unique name that symbolizes their strength and characteristics, so does smartData’s team.Proudly called smarTian, each member has its distinctive capabilities and cultural values.

Healthcare for All

Posted By: smartData June 10, 2019

Within the next 25 years, the senior population is expected to increase by 80 percent, more established entrepreneurs and companies are entering the senior care industry. So by the year 2020, the size of the caregiving market opportunity will reach an estimated $72 billion.

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