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Telemedicine app development services by smartData targets medical practices, primary care clinics and physicians


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The usage of telehealth apps is increasing access to healthcare, providing high efficiency for patient health diagnosis. Virtual visits have seen an exponential rise since Covid-19. This increased clinician utilization, as well as reduced costs of care, allowing patients to get more quality time, with their clinicians and easy access to telemedicine platforms.

With increasing availability of doctors on a virtual platform, patients are moving to HIPAA compliant cloud-based telehealth apps. Telemedicine app development services by smartData targets medical practices, primary care clinics and physicians facilitating on:   

  • Telecare services (integrating BLE devices such as a stethoscope, otoscope, Dermetoscope etc.)
  • On-demand telemedicine platforms with 24/7 quick video consultations allowing to the access to symptoms and disease diagnosis.
  • EHR and salesforce health cloud integration to fetch PHI.
  • Medical second opinion- Allowing users to assess the risk of chronic diseases.
  • E-consult platform for PcPs, nurse practitioners and specialist.
  • Remote patient monitoring (Group consultation supporting up to 10 patients). 
  • Telehealth platform integration (HL7/EHR/DICOM/PACS).
  • Secure Messaging functionality (Checking health status in real-time).
  • Appointment booking/ receiving e-prescriptions with access to PHR and health data and accepting online payment.
  • Tele-radiology services.
  • Push notifications (getting access to SMS & emails).
  • Medical records accessibility via telemedicine apps can easily be shared with doctors and family members.

Our dedicated team of healthcare app developers is highly focused on developing an easy-to-use, features rich app. At the same time, telemedicine app is inclusive in providing value-based care.

We provide cloud-based telemedicine app development services for medical practice, primary care clinics and physicians. Along with video-conferencing and e-prescriptions, telemedicine apps when integrated with digital health data (EHRs) provide seamless connectivity. Additional features are medical consultancy/medical record (EMR), appointment booking, remote checkup and more.

smartData also provides custom telemedicine app development solutions that complement healthcare professionals to connect with patients. Offering a full range of healthcare services and products on-demand, these apps are altogether mobile-ready ( Android & iOS apps). Certified with EPCS (electronic prescription for controlled substance), integrated with EPA (electronic prior authorization), and in compliance with HIPPA & HL7.

Custom telehealth apps help the providers and patients to stay connected via a single platform. Telemedicine platforms allow seamless care processes and improvised health outcomes. To sum up, telemedicine platforms help businesses stay competitive.

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