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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
How Hospitals at Home & virtual wards are Changing the virtual care

As the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed the healthcare landscape, there is a growing demand for healthcare services to be delivered at the patient’s convenience to accelerate the adoption of virtual care. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, patients are reluctant to visit hospitals and clinics for fear of exposure to the virus. …

Republic Day Celebration in smartData : A Mesmerising Moment

An occasion very close to the heart of every Indian. The Day 26th of January was the most remarkable day in history which was achieved after a long struggle and endeavor. Once again, smarTians with full enthusiasm sponsored this special day as a memory for every employee to recapture the past memories of our freedom …

How to Use Blockchain to Drive Supply Chain Transparency

Does the supply chain gain end-to-end visibility with Blockchain? Let’s understand the term blockchain and how it revolutionizes supply chain businesses with increased automation efficiency. Today, the supply chain connects globally, including manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, to form a strong network. The modern method continues to expand with newer innovations to make the systems more …

Ocean of Opportunities for smarTians to Relax and Distress while working in smartData

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax” Mark Black. This is such an inspiring yet simple quote! Stress up to a level is not bad at all as it pushes the person to discover the real limit which ultimately helps him to achieve the desired results. But as the excess is dangerous …

Moving Back to Normalcy

Face to Face interactions enhances the team’s culture, productivity & efficiency. By taking precautionary measures at each location Normalcy Begins at smartData from 18th January with a 40-50 percent occupancy. Government guidelines have been followed to ensure the safety of the smarTians. Office premises thoroughly sanitized and proper seating pattern observed with social distancing to …

72nd Republic Day Celebrations

The day India was formed as a republic is always a proud day for us. As Normalcy begins republic day celebrated across all three locations where all smarTians joined with their families for the flag hosting ceremony followed by sweet distribution on this very occasion. Live performances also given by smarTians to pay tribute to …

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is one of the few traditional Hindu festivals that is observed as per solar cycles. The season marks the end of winter and the beginning of longer days. smarTians welcomed this auspicious season and celebrated this day with a traditional filling the sky with colorful kites and sharing their happiness and joy among …

Welcoming New Year 2021

New year brings hope and fresh start of 365 days. smarTians have welcomed #NewYear2021 with moving towards normalcy. With positive intentions and clear focus on defined goals achievement, conformance to defined processes and continual leadership creation #newsmartData is all set to achieve more in this post COVID world.

Pangarchulla Trek

A power packed thrilling summit climb, 12 smarTians climbing all the way till 15,069 ft, went over Pangarchulla trek marked as a difficult trek in the Himalayas.Surrounded by a 360 degree view of Hathi Parbat, Mana Mandir, Kamet, Nanda Devi, Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Ghori Parbat and many more peaks that are steeped in mythology and mountaineering …

Workplace Incivility and How can it be corrected!

What is incivility? It’s disrespect or rudeness. Incivility is a common term for social conduct that is not civil or nice, to the people around you. Different behaviors from mocking or belittling someone to teasing people in ways that hurt, to telling offensive jokes and texting in meetings. How you treat people means everything. You …

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Recent Portfolio Projects


VoIP NLP simulates the real-time human interaction using voice, and help businesses to streamline their customer journey and reducing the number of contacts into the customer support team. The voice bot helps customers to make/manage their taxi booking by communicating with the bot just like they are communicating with a human on the other side. The bot integrates SIP (Session [...]


Automated Workforce Management System

SaaS-based IoT enabled workforce and workspace management system designed & developed for facility management companies to meet their compliance needs. It provides transparent business operations along with real-time tracking, which gives a competitive advantage to companies in their service offerings.  With the flexibility of run-time decision making with minimized micro-management, the system boosts the operational efficiency of service offerings. Combination [...]

Automated Workforce Management System

Clinical Match

Improve the 'matching' process - when a patient searches for a study of interest, we want a process of connecting them to the principal investigator, and capturing the process, so that CM and follow up with the principal investigator for billing purposes. 

Clinical Match

Best Selling Web Portal

The system is developed for electronic processing of orders, deviation management, statistics, and contract follow-up. The key users involved on these platforms are clients, reviewers, suppliers, and administrators. The key purpose of this platform is to automate the food ordering and management system to supply quality food on a timely basis to the clients (military personnel) and keep a check [...]

Best Selling Web Portal

Dermatology telehealth solution

A platform for dermatologists and patients where they can connect through video consultation. The proposed solution will provide features to the patients such as vital intake, medical history intake, appointment booking, video consultation, SOAP notes, E-prescription, and insurance eligibility to provide cost-effective and specialty care.

 Dermatology telehealth solution

Workforce Management Application

It’s a workforce management application that helps insurance adjustors, firms, carriers to close more claims by assisting them in administrative tasks including routing of calls, efficiently scheduling inspection appointments, managing various claim related functions using APIs like Xactware. This application enables all associated entities to check claim progress in real-time. The claims are related to the natural disasters like cyclones, hurricanes [...]

Workforce Management Application
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