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As more people shop online, firms are attempting to provide a holistic user experience across all of their digital channels. Virtual try-on technology has advanced to the point that you can try on nearly anything in a matter of seconds, including makeup, jewelry, and glasses, as well as clothes and shoes.

The term “virtual try-on” relates to augmented reality. It allows clients to try on a product without really touching it. All of this is accomplished remotely, using a phone, laptop, or other device to capture the image in real time. Customers can virtually try on products to get a sense of how something will look on them.

Benefits of virtual try-on:

Increased Outreach: Not every customer will want to come inside the store and shop. Virtual try-on facilities via websites or applications allow retailers to access a wider audience around the world. People will spend more time and become devoted customers if they can try things conveniently from anywhere. This can help grow the retail brand’s global client base, as well as its reputation and recall value.

Customer satisfaction: It’s impossible to know how anything will look unless you try it on. Customers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase once they receive it if they know how it appears on them. As a result, there will be a significantly decreased rate of product returns. Customers who have had a favorable encounter with a brand will buy from them again. The retailer will earn more money as a result of this.

Customer Engagement: The core of the customer experience is customer engagement.Because the power is in the hands of the customer, retail firms using a virtual try-on function in their shops, apps, or websites claim better customer engagement.

Customers get to pick and choose what they wish to buy in the end. Shoppers can now browse for things without leaving their sofa thanks to augmented reality. When you give customers a consistent experience, they are more inclined to engage with your brand.

We at smartData are working towards stepping into the world of augmented reality into various field. Our capabilities in the field of adopting new technology involving AR/VR, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, we are focused on deploying solutions best matching the end-customers’ requirements. Join us to start your digital transformation journey with us.

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