World is going smart and the user demands more personalised experience in each space. This is where web 3.0 kicks in that has websites and apps which are able to process information in a smart human-like way through technologies like machine learning (ML), Big Data, decentralised ledger technology (DLT), etc.

Web 3.0 allows businesses streamline their operations by cutting out middleman and enhancing communication and collaboration between employees, partners, and customers, making for a more efficient business. Web 3.0 is decentralised, meaning that rather than consumers accessing the internet through services mediated by big companies, individuals, themselves, own and govern sections of the internet. It offers better security, trust, and privacy as it is based on decentralised protocols making it more efficient and secure than Web 2.0

smartData is helping businesses to migrate their websites and apps from web 2.0 to 3.0 and is involved in their A-Z process.

Web 3.0 goes far beyond the initial use case of cryptocurrencies. Through the richness of interactions now possible and the global scope of counter parties available, Web 3.0 will cryptographically connect data from individuals, corporations and machines, with efficient machine learning algorithms, leading to the rise of fundamentally new markets and associated business models.

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Web 3.0: The Next Step in Technology

Web 2.0 affects billions of people across the world through enormous innovation in mobile, social media, and cloud technology. Users absorb information, converse more effectively, enjoy interactive experiences, and contribute content, which may help creators and developers identify areas for development. However, its essential flaws should not be overlooked. Users' concerns about a lack of control over their personal data,...


The rising web – Web 3.0

The global industries in this phygital world have already begun to adopt modern operating models and processes. Today’s technology apps are the products and byproducts of Web 3.0 and are sometimes also called 3D Web or Spatial Web. The next evolution in technologies such as edge computing, IoT, blockchain is pushing a structural transformation. The first wave, Web 1.0, came...

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