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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

eCOA(electronic clinical outcomes assessment) on its journey to disrupt the healthcare industry and improve patients’ clinical research experience. Remote clinical trials will IT innovators and encourage them to think “outside the box” to develop innovative solutions to drive business and the industry forward.

The clinical trial industry is seeing immense growth, and the core focus is scaling mobile applications’ feature set to meet that growth. Passionate, creative, and innovative thinkers, focused on developing a sophisticated product that supports large companies that operate with a start-up culture. Clinical trials are thriving in a fast-paced agile environment and remote monitoring empowers real-time results gathering from participants and the clinical staff.

Patients will always be the ultimate customer in healthcare, but they need to be heard. Our goal is to help ensure that each patient is at the center of care and give them a voice to share their story. eCOA (electronic clinical outcomes assessment) platforms that intelligently automate capturing patient’s experiences through real-time, direct-from-patient data collection. This enables the client real-time access to the patient’s experience, which in turn, improves the treatment and eventual outcome.

We at smartData believe in pushing the boundaries of human science and data science to make the biggest impact possible – to help our customers create a healthier world. The advanced analytics, technology solutions, and contract IT services we provide to the life sciences industry are made possible by our employees around the world who apply their insight, curiosity, and intellectual courage every step of the way.

We serve critical development resources that work collaboratively and efficiently across functional teams in a fast-paced startup-like environment with high standards of engineering quality through source control, code reviews, continuous integration, and unit tests. Learn more at

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