Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Those were the days when a customer used to buy products or services and the experience was not a necessity. Customers had enough satisfaction after buying either products or services and this was because of less awareness and lack of global reachability. Now with the advancements in technology, customers are getting more and more aware, and with just one button click one can access the whole internet, where anything can be accessed. A customer is no longer lacking any sort of information and cannot be fooled by the seller.

Earlier, sellers used to sell their services by providing inherent features and benefits, but now the scenario has changed, as now they have to sell an experience rather than selling the features or benefits. The Company which wants to stay ahead in the race has to provide a better experience to the customer, as already everyone is competing with each other on the product’s features.

Digital experiences are becoming important to awake a sense of emotion which actually comes prior to capabilities and outcomes, and henceforth customer creates a healthy relationship with the seller, which needs to be maintained and that could be maintained if companies try to regularly pivot or innovate their ideas, so that they are making things interesting for customers and the experience keeps maintained as the expectations keep increasing.

Customer experience is the overall journey of the buyer when he searches for the product, gets to know about the features and benefits, gets the experience of testing or using it, after-sales support, the maintenance involved, and the whole lifecycle of the product till the service or product depreciates or comes to an end.

Experiences can be accessed, felt, experienced anywhere by anyone at any time. We should focus on creating memories that will ultimately create memorable experiences.

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