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Why is Independence Day being celebrated by the United States on 4th July?

America is celebrating its 245th Independence day today i.e. 04th July 2021. On this day United State of America proclaimed itself independent from the British empire. At that time there were thirteen states/colonies which collectively made current America. The document of the declaration of Independence of America is still displayed at the National Archives in Washington D.C. This document is a confirmation that government is fair for all citizens and all citizens have equal rights. This also confirms that all citizens have full liberty to live life as all are created by one God only.

This is a federal holiday in the USA and people celebrate it with patriotic theme-based events in public places. Most people don’t work on this day and they spend their time in the outdoor activities related to fun, food, and gaming. In addition to this, some people also celebrate the events based on the history of the USA and the principles shared by the founders of the United State of America. 04th July parades are also world-famous. The theme, sound, and people of the parade are also unmatchable and people from all around the world visit the USA to see this glorious moment every year. On the evening of this day, a firework display is also the most common way to celebrate through the United State of America.

In Nutshell, this is the day when the United State of America get the current status of Independence where every citizen of America has equal human rights and treated on the same level without any bias towards any religion, sex, or color. We should always have gratitude towards the founders of such a good country to live in.

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