Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Young energetic minds of today aspire to join their dream organization post their scholastics. From the pool of various IT organizations, it gets extremely difficult to choose. Whether to go for an organization having significant experience in the global market or to pick an organization working in new age technologies fulfilling their growth aspirations.

A CMMI level 3 certified organization, smartData is a leading software consultancy organization with an aptitude to serve customers in numerous industries around the world. Growing rapidly, smartData offers a fair working environment across the globe with the US, Australia, and India being the foremost facilities. It gives constant accessibility to customers in the healthcare, business platforms, infrastructures, and IT services.

Want to become a tech expert or an influential leader? This is the right place! Wondering how a newcomer can excel here? Don’t worry, the sD2 (smartData Square) program provides every smarTian a comprehensive training in various subsets of major technologies- Microsoft, open source, big data, mobile platforms, AI & ML and digital marketing; adding to your capability to serve the ongoing needs of customers.

This organization dependably invites new members and gives abundant chances and opportunities to draw out their abilities. Promoting team collaborations, there is an assortment of projects, exercises, wellbeing programs, social occasions, treks, sports competitions and significantly more. SPL (smartData Premier League) and SCL (smartData Cultural League) are two noteworthy occasions where each employee can take an interest and exhibit his/her ability. It is the strong ethical work culture bonded by values that plays a tremendous role for every individual who joins this ever-evolving journey at smartData.

If you have to find and adapt to new innovations with a brilliant payout, smartData is the ideal spot for you. You won’t slow down out in a singular assignment and will constantly find openings to show your talent and blend with the new advancements. smartData doesn’t believe in the benchmarks without reasons, so there are no extreme rules for formals.

Here everybody is dealt with equality and with respect. Seniors and youngsters are equally treated. The feeling of receptiveness gives the sentiment of being associated with one another. Each representative is called as smarTian and they all have an equal respectable opportunity under the brand name smartData.

It is an inconceivable association to work, learn and grow!

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