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Our ecstatic force is our strength and recognizing talent in each diversive aspect with a solid value system is acknowledged the most. We collaborate, possess a team based culture and offer variety of programs, activities, wellness programs, cultural events, treks, cricket tournaments and much more. We reckon in work-life balance and environment awareness while our internal culture ensures that the freedom given to smarTians brings out their par-excellence characteristics.

Flexible Work Options such as alternate work hours and/or locations, change in shift hours, compensation/ paid-off leaves, sabbaticals, interest free loans, etc enables our professionals to maintain their personal and professional commitments.We expertise in recognizing talent and leaders who are unique with their 3R’s - Right mindset, Right Technique, Right attitude and assign them with best opportunities such as global work assignments, vertical and horizontal career growth options, awards/certificates, FWO’s etc. Transparency is our key and our “Open Door” policy allows smarTians to communicate freely and provide their input on decision making and production processes across all locations. We invest in smarTians with comprehensive programs for their personal/professional grooming and generous financial assistance for those who wish to pursue certification. As a family, we feel strongly connected though our vision, passion and drive for success. We’re also connected to the world around us through our many community engagements and initiatives.