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Workplace Etiquette and POSH

Etiquette matters when it comes to working in an office or other business environment. You speak about who you are as an individual and team member and can affect the career direction specifically through how you present and communicate with those around you – regardless of what your colleagues, bosses, or direct reports are.
The object of etiquette is not to perplex or irritate people. It exists to make everyone’s lives easier- as well as your own. When you know what rules to follow, you feel more at ease and can devote your full attention to the people around you.

Many organizations across the world are trying their level best to educate their employees about workplace etiquette and treating each other with respect and dignity.

Various training sessions have been arranged at smartData in three locations to increase awareness among smarTians about workplace etiquette. Ms. Manjula sularia, Director of NGO Prasanchetas Foundation , POSH committee delegate, given sessions on constructive body language and movements to teach smarTians about nonverbal interactions and to help them grow their identity and self-representation.

The training session has covered the various aspects of workplace etiquette including dressing code, maintaining Social distance when interacting with co-workers, use of positive verbal and non-verbal language.
Apart from highlighting the merits and demerits of body language and gestures, the speaker has highlighted the prevalent issue of society which is sexual harassment in the workplace. The purpose of the session was to sensitize smarTians about it and to educate them on the matters which are important for their social growth.

smartData felt the severity of the issue since it has become the regulating component of the industry and Posh training ( Prevention of sexual harassment) has been introduced at the workplace which plays a major role in creating awareness among the smarTians.

Along with the workplace etiquette proper introduction of Posh, how it works, laws and regulations under this act, what are the penalties one can face, each and every possible information was given to smarTians.
There are POSH committees at all the branches where smarTians can reach to discuss and report any harassment or misbehavior incidents taking place at a workplace.

smartData educate smarTians about the social problems to help them be a good citizen of the society and have positive impacts on their overall career growth.

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