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Standing together against a shared challenge - COVID 19

Check out how we are keeping our customer business & our smarTians safe and healthy during Covid 19

Check out how we are keeping our customer business & our smarTians safe and healthy during Covid 19

Global Presence
8000+ Projects

smartData is a leader in global software business space when it comes to business consulting and technology integrations making business easier, accessible, secure and meaningful for its target segment of startups to small & medium enterprises. As your technology partner, we provide both domain and technology consulting and our inhouse products and our unique productized service approach helps us to act as business integrators saving substantial time to market for our esteemed customers. With 15,000+ projects, vast experience of 25+ years, backed by offices in the US, Australia, Japan and India, providing next door assistance and round-the-clock connectivity, we ensure continual business growth for all our customers. Our business consulting and integrator services via software solutions focus on important industries of healthcare, B2B, B2C, & B2B2C platforms, online delivery services, video platform services, and IT services. Strong expertise in Microsoft, LAMP stack, MEAN/MERN stack with mobility first approach via native (iOS, Android, Tizen) or hybrid (React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap) mobility stack mixed with AI & ML help us to deliver on the ongoing needs of customers continuously.

Our Services

smartData proudly serves as a trusted software consulting partner, excelling in scope analysis, MVP creation, and offering diverse development practices, including DevOps and Agile. We offer a wide spectrum of technology solutions, from web development using Microsoft technologies/Big Data/LAMP to mobile app development, including Native and Hybrid solutions. Our expertise extends to emerging technologies like AI/ML, IoT, and blockchain-AI integration. Furthermore, we excel in cloud platforms, encompassing Azure, AWS, and GCP, ensuring streamlined and reliable software delivery. Committed to delivering top-tier solutions, smartData is your go-to choice for exceptional software consulting and technology solutions.


Partnering with industry leaders and entrepreneurs we uncover the potentials in their business to digitally transform the user journey. We combine industry expertise, value drawn from similar experiences and intelligent processes to transform and scale your operations, helping you make decisions leveraging internal and external data.

Our various offerings in digital sectors impacts operations and consumer experiences, leading to a more personalised, efficient and future ready solution.

Why choose smartData

In the competitive landscape of enterprise solutions, smartData stands distinct. As frontrunners in Digital Commerce Optimization, our teams don't just develop; they innovate to craft user-centric platforms. With a deep understanding of Supply Chain Resilience, we address pressing global challenges, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient. Moreover, our expertise in AI-Driven Platforms isn't just about integration — it's about harnessing artificial intelligence to truly augment your business processes. When you collaborate with smartData, you're choosing a future where technology and ambition converge to redefine success.



An experienced team of professionals specializing in .Net, PHP, Python, Blockchain, AI, Bots, iOS, Android and React Native with an in-depth understanding of the development processes of domains and platforms, breaking complex businesses into simple software solutions.

Recent Portfolio

Employee Medical Reimbursement and HRA Platform

Technology Stack: .Net Core 2.1 ; Angular

  • Claim management and data validation
  • Comprehensive blood screenings of employees to predict preventable health outcomes
  • Preventive health management portal to store, analyze and deliver screening results
  • Employee interface to view health results, health plan documents, appeal forms and health tool kits
  • Incentives rewarded via credits against the base health plan for making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Health reports generation
Employee Medical Reimbursement and HRA Platform

Online agrimarket place

Technology Stack: Angular 2/4 ; Kotlin ; MEAN stack ; MongoDB ; Sail.js ; Swift ; xCode

  • Dynamic backend for admin to keep track of all the movements of any equipment, records and transactions.
  • Guiding buyer through farmer ratings, reviews, distance, price and quality parameters.
  • Reliable payments using PayU money and paytm.
  • Monitoring overall information of the system in admin dashboard using graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and figures.
  • Dynamic markets concept to know user market and location using google location services.
  • Load balancing to handle large records, stabilize website and APIs.
Online agrimarket place

Telehealth Platform for Global Health Communities

Technology Stack: Express.js ; MongoDB ; Node.js ; React Native ; React.js

  • Search for the medical specialty. Find, filter, and sort by city, zip code, fee, gender and browse comprehensive specialist profiles.
  • Specialist vetting process via documents and license verification.
  • Explore the chosen specialist's calendar, date, and time for an online or F2F appointment.
  • Upload symptoms and medical history ahead of the appointment.
  • Secure booking with a credit or debit card. Fees charged only on completion of the appointment.
  • Access past appointments. Cancel and rebook with ease.
Telehealth Platform for Global Health Communities

Line Inspection Platform

Technology Stack: iOS ; MEAN stack ; Swift

  • View various inspection categories (bridge inspection, cell tower inspections etc.) and create new category
  • Inspection planning and management – view inspection history, identify safety and hazards
  • Set different roles and permissions for lineman, master inspector and TLC
  • Manage structure details
  • Mass upload images into the system
  • Images get automatically attached to poles & substations via geo-referencing information
Line Inspection Platform

What our clients says about smartData


CEO and founder at Shipping company

We are working with smartData for a decade now. smartData's cutting-edge optimizing software for port efficiency transformed our global shipping lines.


CEO and founder of Cardiology and cardiac clinic

I am working with smartData team for couple of years now for our projects. We are happy about what they are providing and how they are managing our project needs.


Founder at CEO at IT managed services

smartData has been our trusted partner for over several years. Their consistent support, superb quality of work, and strong communication has made our collaborative projects successful.


CEO at workforce tracking company

As an enterprise-level client, we are highly impressed with SmartData's development of our major IoT-enabled workforce management solution. Their friendly and efficient approach assures us that they can handle any level of work with excellence! .


CTO at Genealogy Data management company

It's been a great experience working with smartData. The developers and designers are capable of learning new skills very quickly and applying them.

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