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Appreciating Meritocracy and Incentives

IT Companies always spend their valuable time building their in-house tech teams. It has been known to all that a quality team is valuable gold to creating a dream company and that’s why it has been said that investing time & money in building in-house tech is never a waste. There are new methods also evolved now for quality delivery is Meritocracy & Incentives.

Long time which is taking to fill a position

To start with, it is not easy to know the time which has been spent in hiring a quality developer or designer. According to IT standards, the average time to fill a given position is 2 months — but this only means the time taken from the requisition received of a job opening to the offer being accepted by the candidate. Other required commitments such as notice period etc. delay the time that is required to join the company by a month or so. If the Employee is not motivated with these points (meritocracy/Incentives) they will opt for any other good opportunity anytime.

It’s the Solution

It’s a solution to many challenges that Companies face in this competitive market. If the company is using these strategies as the solution to many circumstances/challenges.

How can your company cope with the new Challenges?

Persons in a meritocratic system always have responsibility feeling in themselves. It always motivates the Employees when the Employers are paying them incentives for the target achievement. smartData is always working on Meritocracy and Incentives for their deserving Employees & this helps us to achieve any planned target or challenge easily without making Employees tired. Merit can be earned by either intellectual or manual labor, as each person has his or her own talents.

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