Meet with team smartData

April 17 - 21, 2023
Chicago, IL

Lets embrace the true essence of CSR – an unwavering commitment to the welfare of the communities we serve. It gives opportunities to organizations to evolve as responsible corporate citizens and opens doors to unprecedented possibilities for societal growth.

As a reputed organization , we always took initiative to contribute towards communities and build a strong socially responsible culture. CSR plays a pivotal role in smartData. Under CFG initiatives, It has a firm belief in giving back to the community and creating a social impact on society by being a corporate responsible citizen.

One of the prestigious NGO named ‘Prasanchetas Foundation’ empowered with the seed funding to startup a social organization celebrated their completion of 5 Years.

Director of Prasanchetas Foundation Ms. Manjula Sularia has shared her overwhelming values for smartData for their successful journey.

“One of the most enriching emotions comes from knowing that you hold value in someone’s life and, furthermore, having the ability to uplift those who have faced adversity or are less fortunate.

The most righteous intentions that you need the most are the resources which equip you with the ability to move forward in the direction of facilitating and uplifting lives.

I along with a few other like-minded individuals had those intentions to help out individuals. CEO of smartData trusted our intentions and empowered us with the seed funding to start up a social organization and thereafter there has been just no looking back. smartData has not only been financially supporting our social initiatives but both of them have been personally guiding me from time to time.

CSR initiatives are woven into the core of smartData business & goals. They always prioritize education, healthcare and women’s empowerment, setting the tone for the years to come. The entire management of smartData enterprises and some of their individual members have come and volunteered for various field projects and other distribution drives.

As Prasanchetas celebrated its fifth year, the CEO of smartData graced the occasion as the chief guest of our 5th work anniversary. All the guests are inspired with their most enthralling words of wisdom and gracious presence.

We personally feel indebted to smartData for their never-ending support and most valuable mentorship. Simultaneously, wish and pray for immense growth and progress of the entire smartData family under the revolutionary leadership of the CEO.”

This is the valuable message shared by the Prasanchetas Foundation on their successful journey.

With this, our CSR endeavours are driven by the belief that a truly successful organization contributes to the well-being of society. We believe that dreams are the building blocks of a better tomorrow. Through our initiatives, we provide opportunities for aspiring individuals to turn their dreams into reality.

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