Supporting a cause gives you sense of purpose, enriches your life, and familiarizes you with the outer world. Helping your community is a great way to giving back to society . People who are more engaged in social welfare are more likely to grow as a person.

In continuation of supporting the community in different ways, smartData took one step forward to support our country’s defense section in terms of helping Indian Army soldiers who fearlessly choose service over themselves. Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre , based at Mohali is a facility established by the Indian Army to primarily provide medical assistance and rehabilitation support to the soldiers who have been retired hurt in some exercise or during the war.

This centre specifically caters to the army soldiers with spinal cord injuries, such all these retired hurt soldiers cannot walk or stand anymore due to spinal cord injury and are now restricted to the wheelchair for all their movement.

But then the most incredible part of these soldiers on wheelchairs are their indomitable spirits due to which they have once again resumed back with life and managing a lot of their daily responsibilities independently. While some of them happen to be involved in various sports and recreational activities like dancing and play basketball on wheelchairs even at the international level.

To further add to these unbeatable spirits of these soldiers, smartData along with team Prasanchetas Foundation have now come forward to organize some special workshops and other engaging activities for these soldiers.

Where in the recent past, these soldiers were invited to the Tuffman Marathon Event , where these soldiers gave a mesmerizing dance performance and further flag hosted the main marathon. Also, these soldiers had exhibited various products made by them at the event, inclusive of various kinds of candles and uniforms stitched by the soldiers and their wives.

Also time to time, team Prasanchetas keeps organizing various cultural events and other celebration programs with these soldiers and their families, so as to help them stay boosted and feel more optimistic with life. While in the recent past a special 3 days workshop was also organized, where these soldiers and their wives were trained to make paper bags out of old newspapers, so as to help them learn a new skill which would even add to their source of earning.

Also, many other such workshops are organized from time to time, in a way stay to help them stay connected to mainstream living and keep up their self-respect.

Under smartCFG initiatives, smartData is continuously contributing to the welfare of society. smarTians are volunteering time and efforts in the social causes to uplift society.

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