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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
Technology evolves owing to evolving customer needs.

Customers who were then satisfied with just the functional use of product/service, are now satisfied only if they move from pre-purchase stage to post-purchase stage effortlessly which is now popularly called customer experience, CX thanks to the internet who asks the seller to be aware (Caveat Venditor).

Today the customer seeks personalized marketing, ease to find the information about anything, effortless purchasing journey, 24*7 post-purchase support, and all that which one business can do better than other for the customer.

So when human intelligence needs to be saved from doing repetitive tasks without errors, artificial intelligence plays its role and creates the new business value!

Let’s discuss how AI is making CX effortless

Customer Analytics to hyper-personalize

AI enables marketers to know their customers better by deploying tools that tell them what, why, and when a customer bought their product, what are their beliefs about them, and when they can lose them. AI helps to build buyer personas, through which marketers can market and deliver personalized experiences.

Predictive behavior analysis for real-time decisions

AI helps diagnose, describe, prescribe and predict the customer behavior and recommend then products/services which they would like to see in real-time, send personalized offers when they see no purchasing activity for a longer time which builds a connection with the brand thus improving CX.

Customer assistance

Customers today value time over money, the only thing which is leading towards automation is that it saves time. The customers no longer wish to wait on long phone calls to get answers to their complaints or surf through websites to order or track through third-party apps and much more. The chatbots and virtual assistants have made this customer journey effortless by enabling them to do all the process through one single bot.

Adaption to technologies by business organizations is imperative to their survival and growth.

AI is a suite of technologies and we have provided many business solutions in various fields of AI like supervised learning, predictive analysis, STT (speech to text), NLP (natural language processing), sentiment analysis, and chatbots for various domains like healthcare, customer support, consumer tech industries.

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