Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
  • Data visualization & insights: Decision-making financial dashboards using business intelligence with the power of different third party solutions like PowerBI/Tableau, Recommendation engine and personalized customer experience, digital asset management, and tracking, microservice/server-less architectures to enterprises on public clouds.

  • Workflow and productivity management: Workflow automation software consisting of ERP solutions for task management, performance management web services, timekeeping, payroll, project management and 360-degree performance reporting based on KPI/KPA’s.

  • Finance and banking: Apps developed for stock trading, cryptocurrency, micro-finance, insurance, banking, and accounting solutions, planning and forecasting using business intelligence web services, financial dashboard & consulting, cash flow management and real-time tracking, reporting, and analysis, open ledger for loan servicing, easy payments, risk management & recommendation, payment & reward system.

  • Real estate:smartData’s real estate software solutions for mobile apps and web services for real estate agents as well as enterprises include the following features:
    • Dedicated B2C & B2B2C solutions for brokers, agents, lenders and property managers

    • Category management, postings, and listings with Google maps

    • Property rating & reviews, inspection management and user-visit scheduling

    • Shopping cart integration with real estate websites

    • Real estate mortgage calculator along with analysis & risk mitigation function & management

  • Risk mitigation & management: Risk analytics/recommendations in real-time, reducing cost, time and insurance claims involving inspections, scheduling, proposal, and budget monitoring, risk mitigation in project management app through business intelligence tactics.

  • Supply chain digitization: In-lining with the current emerging trends, smartData offers B2B2C CRM software development, ERP, workflow automation software, retail, POS, multichannel platforms, a financial dashboard for multiple payments, compliance, etc. using third party API’s also supply chain project management solutions with major highlights as:
    • Capacity/resource planning and procurement

    • Demand forecasting and planning, order fulfillment

    • Order and warehouse management, inventory/stock management and tracking

    • Transportation & logistics

    • Information management using advanced analytics, RFID and sensors.

  • Event management: The multi-functionality B2B2C custom event management software developed in smartData, make ease to:
    • Event dashboard with registration, payment, custom branding, and ERP

    • Workflow automation software, payment processing, budget management

    • CRM software development for event management with data analysis

    • Travel and event ticketing management

    • Send invites, event budgeting, on-site kiosk

  • Connected devices (Wi-Fi, NFC and BLE 4.0): BLE Smart Locks, IFTTT smartHome, electric vehicles (Tesla/Jaguar API’s), Beacons (Estimote/ibeacons) – geolocation check-in & triangulation.

  • Regulatory compliance management: Fintech (PCI 3.0, PCI 6.5, PCI DSS to protect data and personal information), retail and manufacturing (EHS, CPSIA, SQF, BRC, CPSC), employee safety (OSHA, OHS with WHS per AS/NZ 4801 standards), data compliances (GDPR compliance, data transmission to US Custom in EDI format)

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