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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

The last few years have the technological world mesmerized by the term artificial intelligence and machine language. While these technologies are becoming the talk of the town, Chabot’s have been in the conversation for a longer time. Chabot’s when integrated with an existing application and AI can leverage the data for useful insights while simplifying the customer support model.

Chatbots are used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or audio ahead of having human interaction. The software is automated to have conversations with people through a messaging platform. This feature is commonly seen on online shopping and service platforms as it makes the experience of customers better. It not only saves time but also filters the potential customers from those who have no intention of using your service. The all-time availability makes this feature help you engage with more people even when somebody is not available live to take queries.

The system is pre-trained based on the requirements of the specific model. It is trained on how many levels of conversation will the Chabot have, what will the answers for a specific query be and so on. It has helped improved the online service business immensely by simply improving the experience of the visitors.

smartData has successfully worked on different bot frameworks ranging from IBM Watson Assistant, Dialog Flow AI, Facebook messenger SDK and several more. Businesses need a bot to not only save thousands over customer service but also increase customer engagement which will result in better business results. To know more about our recent Chatbot projects or get started with a Chatbot tailored to your business needs, connect with our technology team.

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