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Increase customer engagement with your brand on the most popular messaging platforms and on all marketing mediums. Are you a consumer technology company? Does your business spend thousands each month to provide excellent customer support services? Yes!

Then your business needs a bot for your website, mobile app or messenger. Benefit? Anywhere and anytime availability, exceptional customer chat experience and diminished expenses. We have worked on some very popular bot frameworks & SDKs including IBM Watson Assistant, Dialog Flow AI, Facebook messenger SDK, Conversable, RASA, Flowxo, ChatFuel, and ManyChat.

We take pleasure in the work we do. Would you like to take a tour of our portfolio? Let’s check.

Insurance Chatbot

This chatbot generates a quote based on a certain set of questions that helps insurance adjusters to process claims efficiently. Integrated to the website developed for insurance adjusters companies, it helps to automate appointment scheduling process for clients.

Digital Health Risk Platform

A custom chatbot made as a service layer, implemented in MEAN stack, available on iOS and Android app. The chat gets invoked based on the inputs of the user in 5 major HRAs namely diabetes, lung, COPD, dementia, and cancer. The chats serve as a virtual health coach to the users.

Sentimental Analysis Bot

The application uses IBM Watson which processes audio call between therapist and patient in real-time, transcribes that and performs sentimental analysis to generate reports/analytics on the basis of keywords came up in the calls. Tools implemented include S2T, NLP, AI.

Wellness Bot

The bot is built using IBM Watson’s assistant. Users are provided multiple options facility to answer a vast questionnaire regarding generic problems (API used is Infermedica). On the basis of answers chosen by users it gives recommendations of specific doctors.

Mileage Tracking System

It is extensively developed in Dialogflow which works as mileage tracker, expense tracking & log records and keeps track of business miles driven, such as distance traveled to visit clients or attend business meetings, and can even be used for personal mile logs.

Taxi Booking Service

This bot is for cab companies and allows their users to enquire about cab availability, book a cab, view booking status, ride status notifications and view reports of the amount spent on rides. This is developed using Google DialogFlow.

Inspired Healthcare: Virtual Coach

A custom bot engine made in Meteor, intended to interact with patients as a virtual coach/clinician. It helps patients to improve their life score (patented algorithm) based on assessments and questionnaires. A complete healthbot health monitoring solution.

Loan Service Platform

From the context of user chat, the bot determines their interest in a type of loan eg: auto loan, home loan, etc. The is done by keyword analysis of chat using IBM Watson conversation engine. Information like a credit score is inquired by the bot and later posted to 3rd party loan websites.

Complaint System

This bot helps to lodge child abuse complaints. A reporter can enter details of an abuser and the victim can register a complaint. This helps to track down child abusers and save victims from further problems. This bot makes use of IBM Watson Assistant with IBM Watson Knowledge Studio.

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