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The work market condition is shifting. People are beginning to favour short-term jobs over long-term employment, therefore the emphasis is shifting from regular employment to gig labour. The current status of the economy is a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch new ventures. If you’ve been considering starting a service marketplace but have been hesitant, now is the moment to take the plunge.

There are several sorts of service markets, and they may be classified based on their business domain. Let’s have a look at the most common kinds:

  1. Travel markets supply travelers with lodging. Users may also discover bargains on attractions and excursions on travel portals. Airbnb and are the most well-known travel markets.

  2. Education platforms provide online classes from educational institutions, businesses, and individual teachers. Udemy and Coursera both include thousands of courses in a variety of areas.

  3. On-demand service marketplaces cater to a variety of market segments. Thumbtack or TaskRabbit may be used to find a plumber to mend a leaking pipe. When looking for a dog walker, most people will use Wag or Rover to find one. Babysitting services such as HelloSitter and Bubble are also available.

  4. Taxi hailing, carsharing, and ridesharing are all examples of car services. Uber, BlaBlaCar, and Lyft are the most well-known vehicle services.

  5. Food delivery has evolved from a takeaway service available at restaurants and cafés to a distinct service niche. Customers may use Uber Eats or a comparable service to order pizza or even have a grocery list delivered from a supermarket.

  6. Customers can use tool rental services to get the tools they need for a limited time. Home Depot, for example, leases a wide range of goods, from drills to moving trucks.

  7. Consulting is becoming a very popular specialty, particularly in the healthcare industry. Every day, new telemedicine marketplaces emerge. MDLIVE and Doctor on Demand are only two examples.

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