The preventive and analytic systems together have defined a set of new technologies called HealthTech, comprising of products or services focusing on self-care.

By the end of 2020s, digital health or health & wellness market represented $4428bn of the global market, reimagining healthcare consumer acquisition, care management and services with more personalized experiences. smartData’s focus is on the necessary skills of this ecosystem including mobility, cloud, analytics and integration with medical devices, wearables, procedures and systems like pharmaceuticals, labs and more.

To enable best decision making at the point of care and improving consumption of care outside of care centres or hospital.

We develop experiences where primary value propositions of theses digital health technologies are healthcare cost reduction, creating measurable links for patient care and patient empowerment.

To integrate technology with preventive care approaches, we have adopted to various methodologies of product development and management, achieving new capabilities during the delivery of a product or service. This includes wellness and disease prevention, car delivery at home, fitness tracking apps, nutritional analysis, telemedicine, digital pharmacies, screening, digital diagnostics, AI-enabled patient recruitment for virtual clinical trials, mental well-being, corporate wellness, therapeutics and more.

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Application of Federated learning and Edge in Healthcare

Federated learning is a machine learning technique that involves training an algorithm using numerous decentralized edge devices or servers that contain local data samples but do not share them. This strategy contrasts with traditional centralized machine learning methods, which necessitate the transfer of all local datasets to a single server. It can be employed in a variety of industries, including...


IoMT(Internet of Medical Things): Revolution in the Healthcare

IoMT is the Internet-connected medical devices, infrastructure hardware & digital applications used to connect healthcare IT. This is a patient-centric approach enabling patients to transfer medical data easily, helping to reduce medical visits. The current global market of IoMT is around $22 billion and is growing with a CAGR of 25%, expected around $72 billion. There are several reasons for...


Care Gaps in Healthcare

Research reveals that care gaps when unattended and ignored can be harmful and costly. Resolving care gaps is not only important to payers, providers but also to the patients they serve. By performing this one can positively influence patient health and make improvements in quality measurement through scores and reimbursement under risk-sharing arrangements such as Medicare. Discrepancies in recommended healthcare...

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