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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

We all know how vital it is for our body and mind to have a day’s workout. But figures collected by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department indicates that only one in three adults attain the required levels of physical exercise weekly and that over 80 percent of adults do not follow both the aerobic and muscular requirements.

Promoting fitness in the office isn’t an extraordinary new idea. But regular physical activity has such positive impacts on both employees and employers.

Fitness promotes positive connections both personally and professionally for employees to interact beyond a structured work setting.

It’s no wonder that the human body is devastated by stress. Stressed employees have difficulty concentrating, logically thinking, and making sound choices. Reports suggest that exercise helps improve mental health by clarifying how to deal successfully with stress.

Regular exercise helps to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase healthy cholesterol levels (HDL). Exercise serves to stimulate the heart and make it work harder and longer. A daily physical exercise that reduces blood pressure often forms new blood vessels.

Regular workout makes the staff at work more energetic, inspired, and satisfied. Employees with increased stamina, better brain function, and better sleep efficiency. Some experiments have also found that productivity and happiness are connected; happy individuals are 12% more efficient.

There is confirmation that fitness boosts mental abilities like:

Enhanced creativity

Quicker learning

Sharper memory

Improved concentration

We at smartData provide that unbroken push to our employees to opt the healthy lifestyles except from their regular work routines, treks with CEO Mr. @Ajay Tewari summiting various mountains, IDP’s, Tuffman championships, Marathons, Walkathons are few initiatives which we have taken already here and they have been our ever going events till now.

By Encouraging smarTians for fitness we appreciate them or their contributions in smartData’s success. Providing free sponsorship to Tuffman memberships, employee sports leagues or other enjoyable fitness opportunities is an excellent way to say “I care about you.”

Tuffman is India’s premier endurance sports platform bringing Running, Cycling and Swimming events to sports & fitness enthusiasts.

Tuffman provides sports enthusiasts a whole new experience of “smashing” through both their physical and mental limitations at various different terrains, thus entitling them with the title – TUFFMAN. We bring those tough people out of their body, implant that toughness in mind, and help them discover their real tuff soul.

Also, to inspire people for coming out on those run – vacations with their families & friends and reconnect with nature in a different way.

At smartData Tuffman championship are planned programs to increase motivation among smarTians, discover their practical solutions to tougher situations, team building, and leadership. Senior leadership led by the CEO drive the races, mentoring and coaching young smarTians and leaders for the future.

This year also 62 smarTians have participated in Tuffman Championship held in Chandigarh, to challenge themselves and discover their passion for running. Proving themselves and being an inspiration for our next generation, Mr. Ajay completed 135 km in a duration of 24 hrs while other smarTians tough on track and with high on josh have competed in 3 hrs., 6hrs, 12hrs solo, and 6 hrs relay races.

Few smarTians have participated with their family members to help reduce health risks, to enhance personal effectiveness, and to improve quality of life.

Social support is a big component of any fitness program, and by participating in such fitness events smarTians boost each other’s efforts and help hold each other accountable. They get to interact with each other in a setting apart from the stress of work and have conversations they may not have had otherwise in the work environment.

Such fitness events made a big impact on our employees’ lives by creating an atmosphere that shows that they are valued and appreciated. Our workplace fitness program goes a long way in doing just that. Fitness is paramount for us and with the mantra of WPL3 (Work Work Work Play Play Play Learn Lear Learn) our motto is to give ample opportunities and time to smarTians for work-life balance.

Learn more about various smartData fitness travels and wellness trails.

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