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Service that is available whenever you want it, Apps are a gift to people because they assist them in completing various tasks. In times of need, when they are within easy reach of individuals, their true value can be seen. And, as they are seen as a better option among other services, these are swiftly catching up with market trends. The specific functioning and quick access to the resources are the main reasons for their popularity. The industries which are trending in the market:

  1. Transportation
  2. Food delivery
  3. Healthcare
  4. Home services
Listing down some crucial features for an on demand service marketplace:

Authentication and security: Customers frequently look for sufficient security whenever they reach the payment part of an app after downloading it. Most applications and web payment solutions include verification icons that give customers confidence in the app or website.

Notifications: Notifications are the most convenient tool for marketing your application.

Live tracking: Everyone likes to feel safe, and adding live GPS tracking to your mobile app can give your consumers that feeling. The customer can be linked to the courier, delivery person, and specific location in this manner.

More payment option: Despite the popularity of online payment, confining your customers to specific payment alternatives is never a good idea.

Easy interface: This is critical because if the software is difficult to use or the content is dispersed, users will quickly remove it.

Efficient customer care: Customers should be able to contact them if they have any complaints.

Rating and review: Adding the ability for users to provide feedback can help build a level of trust that other apps or websites lack

Search history and past orders: Customers must be able to utilize the app without difficulty. Including their recent search activity in app development will assist them find the products or services they were seeking for previously.

It takes a special kind of artistry to create the perfect app, and it’s critical to include the proper features and elements. We at smartData having 21+ years of experience knows how to provide right features towards right business requirements.

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