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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
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Washing your hands, maintaining social distancing, avoiding large gatherings are crucial safety guidelines to fight against the current health crisis. You are taking every precaution to safeguard yourself and your family from coronavirus pandemic. But what are you doing to support your local communities? Now when the Government asks their residents to stay at home to slow the spread, it becomes very necessary to help each other without getting near each other. It’s important to remain united as a community.

If you’re wondering how you can do your part? Besides being isolated there are still ways to help your community and make a difference.

Stay Connected: With schools and workplaces closed, families could be devastatingly impacted by COVID-19. It is obvious to feel lonely and isolated when you have to maintain six feet distance from neighbors and visiting each other is not possible. Make use of technology to stay connected with your family and friends without compromising your health. Do video chat or call your neighbors and friends to check how they are doing.

Donate to Nonprofits: To make a difference in this crisis, you can donate to non-profit organizations. Many non-profits had to cancel their fundraising programs to avoid large gatherings. It will be difficult for them to meet medical, public health needs for the community. You can also volunteer to provide marketing or fundraising support, leadership training to help them.

Donate supplies for the homeless: You can donate personal hygiene items, food, clothes to homeless people in your area while taking proper safety measures.

Be kind and reinforce empathy to prevent social stigma: After a patient is released from quarantine COVID-19, social stigma can emerge even if not pose a risk for society. It can also happen when you avoid visiting businesses because they are managed by COVID-19 nationalities. Learn to be kind and show empathy, and compassion to prevent social stigma.

Be assured, no matter how big or small, any support you can provide to organizations and groups at the front lines of the COVID-19 fight is good and efficient. At this crucial time, your community needs you to make a difference in creative and fairways.

As part of our embedded philosophy of “smartCFG” smartData Enterprises have contributed INR 5 Lakhs towards the PM-CARES fund in the month of March. In April the entire workforce donated their one day salary towards the PM cares fund to help the Govt of India fight the pandemic at the national level. Know more about our CSR initiatives to get an idea of ways by which you can help your community.

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