Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Onboarding is an extensive process, starts from searching CV’s to finally onboard the appropriate candidates. There must be a list of priorities while recruitment apart from technical part and that is “Humanity”, which smartData & its HR Team always follows, especially in this pandemic.

How comfortable are people with remote working, to take interviews & onboarding of new candidates, assigning new employees to existing ones to guide them and to be in touch with them?

We smarTians have been enjoying the process of remote onboarding & connecting with our Employees remotely in this pandemic covid-19 since March 2020 following the work ethics. In this covid-19 times, how is management understanding its employees & showing great compassion and care towards them?

We have been providing many benefits to our Employees in such tough times since March 2020. smartData practicing the process of “Humane Onboarding” while working from home in its best ways.This also includes making candidates and employees feeling quite comfortable with the work culture .

Our fantastic HR team has been showing great compassion & care towards our Employees & while hiring new employees. This includes giving preferences to those candidates who had lost their jobs due to covid-19 & are in need & For Employees, arranging knowledgeable and mindfulness sessions, fun hours & health surveys.

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