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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

Workplace wellness programs are the most important and valuable investments for each employee and employer. The employees who take part in the wellness programs of the organization tend to be fitter, healthier, and proactive in all aspects of work and life. Also, such employees get a very good boost in the morale and become productive to the peak level.


Wellness has five major dimensions i.e. physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. smartData works almost on all dimensions of wellness. Starting from the physical, we are the organization that is regularly promoting fitness through multiple events. Some of the major events are related to running like Tuffman 24 Hours stadium run, tracking like basecamp and many higher hills areas, cricket tournament i.e. smartData premier league and many more to count.

In the Tuffman event 2022, around 110 smarTians participated out of which around 10 people run for 24 Hours/12 Hours, 10 People run for 6 Hours and around 90+ people run for 2-3 hours and above. Many smarTians including our CEO Ajay T beat their old records in running and created the history. 

In addition to the physical activities, we are making smarTians emotionally stronger also. For achieving this, we are conducting regular Yoga and mediations camps called “IDP” inner development programs which help them to become clear about their vision and become more focused on the goals of the company and life.

In brief, smartData is committed to making every smarTian very socially engaged leader having good intellectual skills who are physically fit and mentally stable. Such employees tend to become very positive and great leaders in society who always try to make society a better place to live for all human beings.

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