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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”- Benjamin Franklin

The present situation has changed the outlook of organizations to run their business processes. The fast pace new world has forced organization to bring out creative initiatives to skill, reskill and upskill the in-house talent.

In technological development and organizational change, it is important for the business to find out new and innovative ways to enhance the capabilities and productivity of the employees.

Training and development benefits not only the employees personal growth but also impacts the entire business process. It allows them to run business seamlessly and accelerate growth and performance. Hence, it becomes a significant part of the organization to foster the culture of learning and development. Facilitating training programs for employees across levels and skills within the organization can ensure that organization is prepared for future challenges.

Training and Development must be a part of company culture. It helps to increase the performance of employees and increase their satisfaction and ultimately helps the business to grow.

Improvement in Performance:

A well-designed training programs help employees to strengthen their skills, sharpen existing ones and incorporate the right attitude and knowledge. It helps employees to boost their morale thereby making them efficient. Increasing productivity and preparing them for future challenges.

Increase Employees Satisfaction:

Employees who embraced learning are challenged by training opportunities, may feel more satisfied to do their jobs. By offering the right training programs, it shows that organizations support employeesprofessional growth.

At smartData Training is an integral part of its own values and culture. sD square is our initiative towards the holistic development of smarTians . Through our internal training schedule which comprises over 100,000 training hours during the calendar year as part of CMMI requirement. These training are given by domain/industry experts from within the organization and visiting experts from industry and academia.

smartData is always inventing new ways for smarTians to learn and grow professionally in their careers. It believes that organization is the sum total of what employees achieve individually. Therefore it becomes an utmost responsibility for an organization to ensure that employees perform at their peak.

Investing in Training and development programs not just benefits the employees, their performance, productivity, and satisfaction but also benefits the organization’s success.

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