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Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
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Ever wondered, Why, the members who were once performing so well suddenly fall into a league that they were never graded for !! Why- once a candidate who was recommended as a star employee during a critical project assignment somehow lands into being an average performer!!

A word of praise goes a long way!! Before we dig deeper into Employee Recognition, let’s take a quick review of some important facts:

Few Facts:
  • Nearly 25% of employees are not given constructive feedback throughout the year
  • 37% of employees don’t think they get enough recognition
  • 57% of employees are dissatisfied with the level of recognition they receive for doing a good job
  • 38% of employees don’t feel appreciated by their seniors
  • 77% of employees would consider leaving if not recognized enough for their contribution

In our day to day working, we do not realize but a little miss on sharing a word of appreciation and recognizing at the right time ends into an uneasy and dull working environment. As a matter of fact, sharing right appreciation or recognition at the right time results in 15% increase in employee engagement and 2% increase in profits in just one year!! It has been analyzed that 90% of employees believe that recognition motivates them to do a better job.

Employee Recognition = $0

It is to be noted here that recognition not necessarily comes in the form of monetary rewards, majority of the times a word of praise is enough to give a member a sense of belongingness and growth opportunities that the organization holds for an individual. For instance, if a leader comes forward to share a structured recognition feedback, for an individual, in front of his team, its sure to boost his /her confidence & work dedication level and make that individual feel that he/she stands out of the league. Further, even the other peer members then look forward to be a part of such recognition.

Ways to recognize employees:

Let’s look into the different ways in which an employee can be recognized. These practices are being actively followed here at smartData Enterprises.

Social Recognition

Today, world is accessible at a click of a mouse. Social media platforms can be best utilized for the same. Here at smartData Enterprises, we ensure to dedicate a social post for a member for any of his/her achievement be it a project success, sessions or onsite visits.

Pat on the back

On timely basis, Sr. Managers & Leads in smartData Enterprises- ensure to leave a short message for an individual’s recent achievement or success at the office entrance area. This comes as a surprise for the member when he/she see a message displayed for him/her as a “Pat on the back” the very next morning.

Monthly Tags

There are certain Tags that are shared for employees on a monthly basis. For eg: Employee of the month, Best new joiner etc. This in a way that keeps the members engaged to plan their work deliveries in a structured and competent way.

Wall of Fame

We have dedicated a wall at reception as a “Wall of Fame” for smartData members. Here on a timely basis, member’s name along with their photograph is shared for any of their efforts or active participation.

Floor Announcement

Just taking out a minute and grabbing everybody’s attention towards an effort of a member that got a great client feedback or delivery of a critical task can really boost up a member’s confidence. Here at smartData we ensure to do such floor announcements for a team or an individual on a timely basis.

Hand of Applause

A big hand of applause not only energizes the mind but also fills up the aura around with positivity. There could be nothing better than sharing a “big hand of applause” specially for a member for any of his/her achievements. We ensure to do the same in any of our team gatherings.

Recognition in meeting

How about starting a meeting along with a recognition message for any of the team members? It could be for a task as small as coordinating or quick response. A word of praise, definitely goes a long way!!

Monthly Rewards

Along with the above recognitions, a monthly reward ceremony is also coordinated to formally recognize the members for their sincere efforts and work achievements.

In order to achieve a business goal it’s critically important to maintain a healthy work environment through team synergies and here at smartData Enterprises we ensure to recognize each and every effort of our members in a structured way. We believe in our people and in our deliverables.

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