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Lightweight, flexibility, higher adaptability and seamless performance are the advantages. Progressive web apps (PWAs) can be used to create both single-page applications (SPAs) or multiple page applications with dynamic loading. Another benefit that they add is a higher rate of conversion and engagement, being SEO friendly.

Should You Go Progressive?

The smartphone internet user penetration has increased worldwide, from 48.8% in 2014 to 64% in 2020. This means users now look for an immersive experience while surfing the websites, demanding a lightning loading speed. If your userbase loves a responsive native experience without the need to install apps then progressive frameworks are the solution.

At smartData fullstack developers not only have the desired expertise in JS frameworks but also have the domain knowledge to advise on the most suitable framework. Analyzing the application size and user base, customers are suggested the right framework- Angular/ React/ Vue.

Looking to develop a complex dynamic application- choose Angular; one of the oldest of all Javascript frameworks and fully packed.

If the backend tech is Laravel then Vue.js at frontend will cut the total process time by 50% and free up space on the server. And with a fast product delivery time, it can be a great match for MVPs and small solutions.

React– same code can be used for native as well as web apps.

Choosing the right progressive framework is critical, why?

Some of the largest applications are using PWAs, to name a few – Instagram, Uber, Twitter, Forbes, New York Times, Microsoft Office, Pinterest and many other companies for various platforms. Each framework has its own capacity, feature set for future application scale and interactive elements. Network dependency has to be studied carefully, analyzing the back and forward functions. Specializing in IT integrations we analyze all the important aspects of your project to suggest the most suitable framework.

With an overall knowledge of MVC architecture, MVVM architecture, framework’s core libraries, virtual DOM, Typescript directives and HTML, developers at smartData can provide a cross-browser complaint and immersive experience to users.

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