Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

AI-ML is one of the top rated technology innovation which is developing at a quick pace and gives advanced scope to companies to bring the efficient change. To sustain or grow in market companies are utilizing some type of ML in their business which is going to increase by 2022 considering fact of smart utilization of data & its value.

As per trend analysis by Report & Data, with AI-ML following are growth predictions by 2027:

  • Healthcare Market: ~USD $62 Billion
  • Fintech: ~USD $27 Billion
  • Retail: ~USD $24 Billion
  • Supply Chain: ~USD $12 Billion
  • Key driving factor is time series analysis which is one of the trending pattern through which organizations are driving their business decisions. Key concept is to collect & analyze multiple data sets over a period of time and based on that driving smart decisions. Volume of data plays important role here i.e. high volume data leads to high accuracy and system will perform better with time.

    In upcoming years, we can envision that organizations will highly rely on neural networks for high-fidelity forecasting. For example, utilizing machine learning solutions to discover hidden patterns, accurate forecasts and result driven business decisions. A true illustration of this is financial consulting companies identifying result driven approach for their clients based on historical & test/trained data.

    smartData developed an enterprise-level Fintech system providing shareholder analytics, investor relations, transactional data, and other services to public listed companies management for long-term financial planning. It also includes processing and management of multi-million financial data for each reporting tool and advanced dashboards covering multiple financial parameters. Development of a huge database for decision making and data processing includes data curation, data scrubbing, and data manipulation using a specialized backend financial team.

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