Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL
What is CX or Customer Experience?

The experience of a customer refers to how a company involves its customers everywhere between marketing, sales and customer service. Customer experience is more than just a collection of actions. It also focuses on emotions.Everyone in the ecosystem of your business is a customer: from employees and investors to partners, buyers and their networks and stakeholders as well.

Why is CX important for business?

A positive customer experience fosters faithfulness, helps retain customers and promotes brand advocacy. It is therefore so important to provide an outstanding experience and to let them do business with you further. Customers are the best means of building awareness of your brand.

smartData Contribution in enhancing CX

smartData has conducted the online CX sessions for their employees- “Delivering World-Class Customer Experiences with a Productive and Engaged Remote Workforce”. It was a global virtual event on different topics, live sessions enhancing employee/customers relationships. Engaged employees produce better business outcomes. More than 50 Best Practice Sessions Interactions on hottest topics including creating a digital customer experience, managing the anywhere workforce using AI to predict the unpredictable, leveraging the power of automation and much more.

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