Though every minute digital technologies are constantly evolving, healthcare sector is still struggling with adoption and ‘digital transformation’. smartData is assisting health insurance companies in designing and developing creative and innovative health improvement programs to reduce costs. On similar grounds, our healthcare developers have designed corporate solutions for employers to engage their employees in lifestyle modifications to encourage a happier and healthier workforce.

With the prime focus on patient empowerment, engagement, our digital healthcare software development is serving all the key players in the healthcare industry. It includes regulatory bodies, clearing houses, insurance providers & medical billing companies, pharmacies & pharmaceuticals, employers, caregivers, as well as patients. Digital healthcare software development at smartData has helped our healthcare clients in streamlining their workflows by providing business intelligence tools. These help to get better insights on health records, population data, revenue cycle management, billing & claim management, wellness apps, homecare solutions, and nursing software solutions. These solutions help simplify the care services, healthcare payment auditing, and learning platforms for self-evaluation with enhanced patient care.

Consumers or patients can have different insurance policies such as employer- sponsored/corporate healthcare insurances, government insurances, and direct insurance from payors. Medical billing insurance claims process starts when a healthcare service provider gives medical care to a patient and sends a bill of provided services to a healthcare insurance company. Our healthcare insurance developers have strong expertise in developing, enhancing, and maintaining HIPAA compliant software solutions based on the insurance background. Know many features of our digital healthcare software, Get your healthcare application today!

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Business Automation – Advantages

Yet this isn’t just about replacing your stacks of files with PDFs—automation aims to make the entire process more streamlined, cost-efficient, accessible and error-proof. Automation is the administrator that knows what every division needs, produces every document as it’s needed and never takes a vacation. Automating business process and doing away with non-value-adding human interventions help a lot in efficientbusiness...


SUPER-APP : A One Stop Service Solution

Super-apps are apps that combine many services into one, such as chat, payments, and other third-party integrations. While it may appear to be a novel concept in the western world, it is a common term in Asia. WeChat in China and Paytm in India are two of the most popular and straightforward examples of super-apps. Both applications began by offering...


Digitization in Retail Sector

One of the most important aspects of the product/service providing industry is to provide a memorable customer experience. With the increase of digitization around the world , the retail sector is not unaffected by the same. Over the years, the workflows in retail have changed drastically in order to provide an engaging experience to customers. Now the operations have become...

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