Meet with team smartData

Calendar April 17 - 21, 2023
location Chicago, IL

This world is indeed a beautiful place and we all have received so much from this world directly or indirectly and mostly good and cherishable. But then sometimes we really need to take out time to think and reflect are we also somewhere contributing or adding to the goodness and the beauty of this world or we have been just too busy taking away.

At the same sometimes we surely need to look around and realize the intensity of misery and all the distress which prevails around which not only make us realize how fortunate and privileged we have been but then should somewhere also trigger the need to come forward and contribute our minimal to facilitate or ease out some more lives.

Ofcourse, this may sound like the involvement of intensive efforts and some huge investments but then what maximum is required to reach out to someone in need is the realization and the willingness to contribute.

Yes with all this realization and willingness only, smartData Enterprises working closely with Prasanchetas Foundation a non-profit company diligently contributing towards the health, safety, and upliftment of children, women, and veterans from the army.

The motto behind supporting Prasanchetas foundation is to sensitizing smarTians and spreading awareness about very sensitive and crucial issues of our society.

  • Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Prevention of Self Abuse with age-appropriate sex education
  • Gender Sensitization
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Menstrual Management

Giving smarTians opportunities to volunteer to take part in the social services creates a sense of community within our organization, as well as a connection to the surrounding community. Through this social involvement, smarTians feel empowered to start contributing to the bigger picture.

Wherein smartData has already come forward to support the cause of Prasanchetas Foundation with their CSR and simultaneously smarTians has also started joining in along independently and in-person to fulfill their individual social responsibility.

smartData team believes in a holistic approach encompassing social changes and has been engaged in social activities like poverty eradication, the spread of education, healthcare, and child rights. As per CEO, CSR is as important for the community as for the organization and its employees.

The Corona outbreak exhausted the CSR funds of organizations across the world and shifted to the government from the corporate. However, smartData management assisted various NGOs under the smartCFG initiation, by cash contribution, volunteering, in-kind contributions of goods and services, and future partnerships.

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