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Does the changing weather make you feel worried about certain illnesses? It turns out that changes in weather patterns can have a lot of effects on the human body and the brain. According to the expert’s human body adapts to certain weather and when there are sudden changes in weather the immune system gets disturb. Some existing health threats will increase and new health threats will arise. Not everyone is equally at risk but the majority of people experience health issues.

Below are the health conditions that trigger due to sudden weather changes.

Cold and flu outbreaks

You can experience cold and flu when the weather changes. It is common in all age groups. People experience cold and flu due to viruses. Clean your hands frequently and avoid making contact with sick people. Wear a mask when experiencing sneezing and coughing. Have hot fluids and keep yourself well hydrated.

Respiratory tract Infections and illnesses

Extreme hot or cold weather may make asthma-like conditions worse. Such abrupt temperature swings irritate the airways. If you inhale cold air, the airways can be compressed. During warm months, asthma patients have to deal with contaminants and smoke fumes, which are difficult to avoid, particularly when you breathe air during your mouth like most asthma patients. As the temperatures begin to rise in the summer, prepare yourself for asthma symptoms that could get worse.

Skin Allergies

The weather and atmosphere depending on the person are responsible for seasonal skin allergies. Because it varies from person to person, during sunny, dry summer days and cool rainy seasons, seasonal flare-ups can be caused by pollen. The number of culprits also ranks high after seasonal allergies. Skin asthma, Urticaria, Eczema, Hay fever are the major skin allergies caused due to season change.

Throat and Sinus Allergies

Heating and ventilation systems fail to hold the temperature variations stable so ventilation can be dehumidified easily by heating and cooling systems. Dampened, pollen-filled soil, ashes, mold and mildew are perfect sources for serious and persistent sinus and throat problems. Therefore, every six months, it is essential to change heating and air filters.

We @smartData Enterprises always help employees to take care of their health while working from home. Various activities have been conducted to push our employees to opt the healthy lifestyles except from their usual work routines. Being a fitness enthusiast our CEO Mr.Ajay Tewari emphasizes on being fit and taken many initiatives for smarTians fitness.

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